5 Simple and super low-cost ways maintain your vehicle this winter

Cars are incredibly expensive investments. While many of us scrape enough money together just to purchase the things, subsequent costs follow; insurance tariffs, repair costs and maintenance fees. Here are 5 handy ways you can cheaply maintain your car.

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Cars are incredibly expensive investments. While many of us scrape enough money together just to purchase the things, subsequent costs follow; insurance tariffs, repair costs and maintenance fees. The expense is enough to put people close to out of pocket, so any cheap solutions here would no doubt be useful! Here are 5 handy ways you can cheaply maintain your car…


All wise maintenance missions start with a good clean, inside and out. It’s not expensive to vacuum out the interior of your vehicle and wipe windshields and mirrors with a cloth. And all you need to wash your car is a bucket and sponge, though it’s a good idea to start by hosing down your vehicle with a hose that has one of the Gilmour high pressure hose nozzles attached to it. Of course, this might not seem like a big deal, but if you can make your car as clean as possible, you’ll also be minimizing issues. There won’t be build ups of grit in the components, rusty bodywork, chipped paintwork, or even just dirt concealing knocks and scrapes. It’ll help you spot problems before they become too big to tackle. Having a clean car also boosts your visibility and clean lights make your vehicle safer to drive.



Of course, while cleaning cars can be a cheap process, you can do one better here; covering up your vehicle. Obviously, this doesn’t erase the need to clean your car forever, but if you can wrap your vehicle up in a quality car cover you will be further minimising the impact of dirt, grime and damages. If you regularly leave your car outside, then there’s no harm in going the extra mile – especially if you can do so affordably!


Of course, the act of looking after your vehicle doesn’t only happen when you’re parked or storing it in a garage, but when you’re actively driving too. For example, if you’re aware of any pothole riddled roads, which are unfortunately becoming more common, then it’s probably for the best that you avoid them if you’re able to do so. You don’t want to put too much strain on your suspension and tyres, or send loose stones flying up to scratch your vehicles bodywork. I went down such a deep pothole recently that the tyre deflated and we needed to get a replacement. In the end, one of the best ways to cheaply maintain your car is to simply minimise risks when you’re out on the roads.



If you’re experiencing minor faults with your vehicle, that’s not a go-to sign to take it to the specialists for a high fee straightaway. Instead, you can use your own intuition here and save yourself some money. If you notice something your car is handling differently while driving, try to diagnose any of the smaller issues a car can have, such as flat tyres or low fluids, and top them both up if necessary. At the very least, this will save you the fuel costs while you’re driving to the mechanics!



Of course, you can’t carry your own checks without your own tools. While you can leave the real specialist equipment to the professional mechanics and servicers, there are a few bits of gear that you can utilise to carry out a more thorough inspection, such as handy axle stands for your car that let you get a look at the underside of your vehicle while carrying out maintenance. If you don’t have the correct kit to change a tyre, that’s an essential to add to the boot of your car for peace of mind on journeys.

Let me know if you think of any other low-cost maintenance ideas that help to keep your car on the road. Leave me a comment below with your tips for winter car care, I’d love to hear what works for you.

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