4 Great reasons why you should consider shopping local in 2019

Sometimes it’s hard to avoid spending money with corporate companies. They often offer attractive deals and then there’s the fact that many big chains are conveniently on your high street - or on your screen. But, when you’re presented with the choice, here are 4 reasons why you should choose to shop locally...

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Sometimes it’s hard to avoid spending money with corporate companies. They often offer attractive deals and then there’s the fact that many big chains are conveniently on your high street – or on your screen. But, when you’re presented with the choice, why should you choose to shop locally? I’ve collaborated with the Seaton Lane Inn, a Hotel in Seaham, to learn why giving your cash to smaller businesses is the way forward….

The front of a farm shop with signs outside


You might not think that your personal spending can benefit the wider community, but this is where you’re wrong. In fact, research has shown that spending just £10 with a local independent shop can equate to an additional £50 into the economy. This is because local business owners put the money back into the community through spending themselves at local services.

Small businesses in your area also bring more jobs to your city or town. The more they can grow, the more jobs that they can offer too. Statistics showed that if 50% of the small businesses that are currently trading were able to take on one more person in the next 12 months, there would be more than two million new jobs created! As you can probably guess, the more people that are employed in your area results in more money being pushed into the local economy. Bonus!

Interior of a farm shop with local produce on the shelves and a shopper reaching for a jar


If you care about receiving tailored customer service, you might find that shopping locally is best. It’s true that many corporate chains are all decorated the same and advertise with the same promotional materials. Compare this with a local business and you’ll probably discover that the décor fits with the local aesthetic of the area and any marketing materials are tailored to the custom that they get in their own branch.

Locally brewed glass of beer from Station 119 brewery
Locally brewed beer from Station 119 brewery

When it comes to pubs, it’s fair to say that often, the pub owners are local people themselves. This means that they can often bring a more personalised touch to the customer service they offer and connect more with their visitors. These localised touches help better meet the needs of customers too. If there is an event being held in the area, for example, it’s likely that the business will become part of it — perhaps by offering complementary products or creating an offer that fits in with the occasion.


When you shop at a local bakers, market or farm shop, or eat and drink at a local pub, it’s more than likely that the produce you’re consuming is locally sourced. Corporate companies often own farms or production plants all around the country. As all products must be transported from here, this journey can cause a loss in nutrients. They’re then also heavily packaged in plastics to ensure a safe transportation. This couldn’t be more different to locally sourced goods.

Farm shop produce on shelves, including carrots, leeks and beans


Local and smaller businesses have the authority to negotiate prices with you. You might find that the bakery gives you a few extra buns if you’re shopping close to closing time, and your local farm shop gives you an exclusive deal just for being a loyal customer. By building up a relationship with your local shop owners, they can let you know of any upcoming offers or recommend products and services for you based on what you usually buy. It’s unlikely that you’d get this sort of repertoire with a national chain company.

shopper reaching for an onion from the shelves of a farm shop

From helping to invest in your local economy to securing yourself the best deals, there are many advantages to shopping local. Take the leap and spend your cash in a smaller business from now on and reap the benefits! If you’re in Suffolk and want some suggestions of where to shop locally, visit SeeSuffolk.com and check out their ‘shop local’ series. Let me know where you like to shop locally and what benefits you’ve discovered in the comments below.

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