Space-themed decor for the 50th anniversary of the moon landing

If you too are excited about the 50th Anniversary of the lunar landing, today's space-themed decor might give you inspiration to add a few space-esque touches to your own home. Here's how I've added a few decor details to turn my neutral bedroom into a lunar-themed room...

If you too are excited about the 50th Anniversary of the lunar landing on Saturday 20th July, today’s space-themed decor might give you inspiration to add a few space-esque touches to your own home. Here’s how I’ve added a few decor details to turn my neutral bedroom into a lunar-themed room…

My bedroom is a minimalist zone. I painted it white, all my furniture is monochrome and I regularly declutter – so much so that pretty soon I won’t have anything left in the room! From this neutral base it’s easy to add a new decor scheme to suit the seasons and, over the past year, I’ve been gradually adding more and more of my favourite space-themed items.

I wrote about my space-geek tendencies earlier this year in my blog post about fun (and geeky!) things to do in London during the school holidays so it may come as no surprise that I’ve started to include more space-related items into my decor.

Happily this has coincided with the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing so I thought I’d share some snaps of my minimal bedroom this week for ‘inspiration’ if you want to add some space-esque touches to your own home or the kids’ bedroom.

Above the headboard, I added a poster of the moon that my husband’s dad had in the 70s. And it glows in the dark so it makes a great nightlight too haha! Speaking of which, hubby bought me a battery-powered moon globe light last month so I’ve popped this on the windowsill. It glows white at night – not enough light to read by, but a lovely nightlight nonetheless.

I’ve had my atomic retro-style lamps for years and they look globe-y and space-y so fit into the theme well. The cushion above is hand-printed by artist Anna Mac. The monochrome star bedding is a set that I bought from Asda a couple of years ago – it has cats riding broomsticks on the other side! George Home are still doing lots of star print bedding, including an inky blue constellation design that I spotted in my local Asda last week.

My pride and joy is my lunar globe by Rand McNally. I picked it up from the car boot sale for a couple of pounds and later discovered that it pre-dates the moon landing – how exciting! I decided to hang it from the ceiling beside my similarly-sized glass light fitting. I’ve added a Phillips Hue bulb inside the lampshade so it can glow any colour – I prefer a pure moon-y white shade.

The artworks in my bedroom are handmade lino prints by local artists. The moon rocket is a print by Hannah Hinchley and the black circle design above is a beautiful mountain-scape with a crescent moon by Hannah Farthing that I coveted for AGES before my husband and I got it for each other at Christmas.

And finally, you may have already seen in the past that I installed a huge black and white mural on one of the bedroom walls. This is a seascape photograph that my husband took on Valentine’s Day 2016 and it shows waves crashing onto the beach. As the tide responds to forces exerted by the moon, I’m counting this mural as part of my space-themed decor too!

Of course, no space-themed bedroom would be complete without Tim Peake’s books on the bedside table. I’ve just finished reading ‘Ask An Astronaut’ and I found it really interesting – I learnt a lot about the science of space travel. I also have Tim Peake’s photography book ‘Hello, is this plant Earth?’ which is full of beautiful photographs taken from the International Space Station.

Let me know what you think of my bedroom updates in the comments below and I’d love to hear if you’ve added any space-y touches to your home in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo moon landing.


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