Add warmth to your interior with these thrifty wood decor ideas

It's easy to add warmth & autumnal vibes to your home & today's blog post is all about using more wood in your decor. Just imagine the rustic, cosy look you can achieve with just a few low-cost items - here are 4 ideas to help you get the look for less...

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Turning your house into a home can make a real difference to how you feel about your property and it can be as easy as adding a few unique, personal touches that give it warmth and a style that reflects who you really are and the things you love. With the changing seasons, I like to refresh my interior but that said, I won’t be splashing out too much to update my home for autumn.

It’s easy to add warmth and autumnal vibes to your home – simply bring nature in and use real wood for your interior décor. Just imagine the rustic, cosy look you can achieve with just a few new items. The changes you make don’t have to be expensive and these four thrifty wood décor ideas can make a big impact on a small budget…


Books can add a homely feel to any room, especially when they’re displayed on a beautiful wooden book shelf or in a bookcase. Just looking at books can make you feel cosy, like you’re about to snuggle down in a reading nook with a blanket – the PERFECT autumn activity.

A well-crafted bookcase can become a much loved feature of a room, as well as a practical storage solution. If you have the DIY skills, there’s nothing to stop you making your own shelves or bookcases using upcycled scaffolding boards or pallet wood.

Alternatively, you can often find vintage wooden bookcases in secondhand shops and at car boot sales for very little expense. They’ll add a real sense of elegance when compared with brand new flat-packed shelving and bookcases. Don’t worry about a little wear and tear – that just adds character.


Bringing nature into a space – such as seasonal flowers, pumpkins, autumn leaves etc – can fill a room with autumnal vibes. While these items might be low-cost (or even free!) they won’t be long lasting so consider adding natural accessories that will last all season long. Cacti and succulents are my favourite houseplants when it comes to low-maintenance or wooden flowers are a great option if you want the natural look of flowers but that won’t fade or fall.

Can you believe these are made of wood? They’re usually used in crafts or for weddings, but they’re environmentally friendly, and you’ll be amazed how authentic they look. Another advantage is that wooden flowers can be placed in any room in your property, as you won’t have to worry about heat or humidity.


Wind chimes are associated with the ancient Chinese discipline of Feng Shui which is said to bring positive energy and harmony to the home. It is said that wind chimes help energy to flow freely throughout the property, but to make the most of this potential, they should be placed near a window (never a back door) and ideally in the south west of the home. The chimes can be made of a number of materials including aluminum, but wooden chimes, particularly those made from bamboo, are the most traditional and add a timeless beauty.


A coffee table doesn’t have to be used for coffee. It can of course be used for hot drinks, but they can also be used to display the autumnal accessories I mentioned above, magazines and books, or even a chess set or card games to inspire cosy evenings in.

I DIYed this coffee table from an old drawer…

Coffee tables look most inviting when they’re made out of wood, and once again, it may be possible to find stunning secondhand examples at bargain prices – search on your local Facebook selling pages or Gumtree. You might find a table that just needs sanding back and waxing, which is easy to do with a solid wood piece.

One reason that wood looks so good in the home, whether it’s in a table, wood chimes or accessories, is that it has a warmth and authenticity that only natural ingredients can bring. Wood can also be found in a range of colours to fit in with your existing decor, and it’s very durable, which is why these thrifty wooden décor suggestions will enhance your home year after year, and not just for the autumn.

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