When your cat has a nicer bed than you do..! Comfy beds for older pets

You want the best for your pets, right? They're family, after all! So I've been looking for ways to make my cats Cookie & Muffin more comfortable at home during their later years. Here's what I found...

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You want the best for your pets, right? They’re family, after all! So I’ve been looking for ways to make my cats Cookie and Muffin more comfortable at home during their later years. Here’s what I found…

As much as I hate to admit it, my cats are getting old. Actually, that’s the wrong thing to say – while they are advancing in years they aren’t really showing many signs of old age yet. In fact, Cookie is more kitten-like than ever – running around on the lawn, chasing shadows and wrestling with twigs. And Muffin is the same laid-back character she always was.

Even though my pets still have youthful exuberance, they are now in their mid-teens. In fact, I recently found some paperwork from the pet rescue centre that shows they’re a couple of years older than we thought. We were told they were 1 and 2 when we adopted them, which would make them 13 and 14 now.

But after tackling a recent pile of shredding from old folders, I found a form that says they were 2 and 3 at the time, making them 14 and 15 now. I haven’t told them, as I don’t want them to start behaving like they’re older. We’ll just let them carry on thinking they’re younger, and maybe they’ll stay youthful for longer. I mean, sometimes I’d rather not know how old I am – let’s all just go with the age we feel, eh?

Anyway, the truth is that sometimes Cookie looks a bit creaky when she gets up after a long sleep. I often try not to disturb her because, if she knows I’m in the room, she will get up to greet me – out of politeness, I like to think. But I’d rather than she carried on resting rather than drag herself up. The same goes for Muffin, although she would rather not bother getting up at all – especially if she’s lying in a pool of hot sunshine.

So, when Silentnight got in touch about their new range of pet beds my cats told me they were keen to review one. The company kindly gifted Cookie and Muffin orthopedic beds and they got the small size so that they could have their own private bed each. Let’s face it, Muffin is so big that she’s practically the size of a small dog anyway!

The bed is perfect for older pets and it has a contoured foam layer that supports your cat or dog’s weight evenly to reduce pressure points. This can therefore help to relieve sore joints and soothe arthritis as your pet sleeps. Plus, it looks rather cool too – with a linen finish and piping details the design is similar to our own human bed, so I’m happy to have it in the bedroom.

The cats – who wouldn’t usually tolerate cuddling up together – are now happy to share a bedroom. They are content in knowing that they are near each other but have their own separate spaces.

Also, having the pet beds in our bedroom keeps the cats off our bed during the night. I’ve often been woken up during the night by an insistent cat trying to steal my pillow! So now I also sleep much more soundly thanks to Silentnight haha!

The cover is removable and washable, which is reassuring. The main reason why we haven’t bought pet beds for our cats in the past is that I worried about being able to keep them clean and fresh. That, and the fact that I thought our cats probably wouldn’t use a pet bed. However, these orthopedic beds have proved my theory wrong.

As soon as (and I mean, immediately) I unwrapped the beds and put them in the room with our cats, they walked straight over to it, got in and settled down. I didn’t have to persuade them with treats or cat nip or plonk them in the bed myself. They were very willing to test out the product for themselves!

I’ve also moved the bed into my office during the daytime. This means that, instead of hopping up onto my chair or walking across the laptop on my desk, the cats come into the office and immediately settle down into their bed. And I can work in peace.

I have been pleasantly surprised by how happy the cats are to use these pet beds. Plus, I really do love the design – it looks great in our home. Thank goodness that we got the chance to review the beds because now, knowing how much the cats love them, I would definitely invest in a replacement if I ever needed one in the future.

The orthopedic pet beds are available in sizes small medium and large for cats and dogs (we have size small for our cats) and can be found on the Silentnight website.

Some items in this blog post have been gifted to me and the pink links indicate a gifted product, affiliate link or information source. All thoughts and opinions in this post are based on my own experience and I am not responsible for your experience 🙂

2 Responses

  1. Aw thanks so much Susan – your cats sound lovely too! Absolutely, I would say that the base of this is quite a supportive foam but with a soft and fluffy layer over the top. All I know is that my cats are very happy with them haha! 😀

  2. Oh, what beautiful babies! I have five elderly cats and find them such a joy.
    I really like this Silentnight bed. Too many pet bed manufacturers produce beds with big, squishy, lumpy bases. Some cats don’t like the feeling of walking or sleeping on them, though, mine included. The base of this bed looks soft enough to be comfortable but firm enough to feel safe. Excellent!

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