7 Easy ways to make your living room cosy for autumn (on a budget)

Our living spaces seem to get smaller during the cooler months, don't they? I think it's because we're indoors more & can't use our gardens as much if the weather is bad. Here's some ideas to make your living room more cosy & liveable for autumn...

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The size of our living spaces seems to get smaller during the cooler months, don’t they? I think it’s because we’re indoors more and we can’t make as much use of the space in our gardens if the weather is bad. On top of that, the current pandemic means that many more people are “staying home together” and make concessions to create an environment that’s suitable for work, school, personal fitness, and leisure.

This creates a number of obstacles; finding home decor that will fit into our home, at a budget we can afford, that everyone will feel comfortable in, while serving every member of the household’s unique needs at any given time of day. AND we want it to be cosy for autumn. It’s a tall order!

If you’re looking to enhance the living space in your home without adding too much financial pressure, here are a few ideas to make your living room more cosy and liveable for autumn when you’re on a budget…


Rearranging furniture is a great way to open up the space and keep your living room feeling fresh. And, best of all, it’s FREE!

Eliminating gaps and spaces to create more room for playing games, personal exercise, or receiving Zoom calls for work or school is made easier with space-saving furniture. Room dividers can be helpful, tables that transform, and sectional sofas have become very popular ways to eliminate wasted space while ensuring your living room is as functional as it can be.


Adding plants into the equation is a great way to make living rooms feel more comfortable, and relieve stress. They also create clean breathable oxygen, which is nice when there are more people at home at all times which can make rooms a little musty. If you’re not “good with plants”, consider adding realistic looking artificial plants to achieve the same psychological benefits of the real thing.


Mirrors are useful but, more importantly, a large mirror can also make a room feel bigger, and bounce light around the room making your living room brighter – without adding to your energy bill. This is especially useful during the darker days of autumn and winter.


There are floor mats, and then there’s “statement rugs”. A statement rug is a mat that brings together your living room decor, while making your floor cosier underfoot and more comfortable for home exercise. They’re like wall art for your floor and can add a splash of colour to an otherwise boring living room. You can layer a statement rug over an existing wall to wall carpet, or place it over a hard floor. 

If placed over a hard floor, statement rugs can also reduce echo for Zoom calls or online college lectures, and provide a little more comfort when the kids are laying on the floor playing.


You may be spending more time at home these days than usual, and never noticed that your living room may need a new coat of paint. Whether it be for a home decor refresh, or to make your living room feel brighter or larger, a new coat of paint can add new life to an otherwise “tired” feeling room. 


A cluttered room can have detrimental psychological effects, and it’s harder to keep a room clean when floors and tables are covered with stuff. And removing clutter is also a great way to make a good impression on a Zoom call!

Organising and storing your belongings is a great start, or tucking them behind a room divider is an easy way to reduce the impact of clutter and give your mind some room to think without distractions. You could even invest in a couch with a “hider” department for some of your belongings, such as knitted blankets for cosy autumn evenings. 


Throw pillows are a great addition to your home decor as you can change the cases easily and often to spice things up. Plus, extra cushions and blankets make your living room more comfortable. Pick some throw pillows in warm autumnal tones to breathe new life into older furniture, or make your home a more cosy and relaxing place to be.

Anything to add to these cosy home decor tips? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear how your make your home autumn-ready.


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