5 Ways to dress up the base of a potted Christmas tree to bring it indoors

If you've decided to get a potted Christmas tree this year (that you can use next Christmas!) you may want to jazz up the pot when you bring it indoors. Here are a couple of ideas to dress up the plant pot of your real spruce tree for the festive season...

If you’ve decided to get a potted Christmas tree this year, you may want to jazz up the pot when you bring it indoors. Here are a couple of ideas to dress up the plant pot of your real spruce tree for Christmas…

Having a real tree is a lovely touch to any festive decor and you can always re-pot it for next year, or plant it out in the garden so that it lives on for years to come. We got a small potted Christmas tree a couple of years ago that we named ‘spike’ and now ‘he’ is planted in my monther’s front garden and has doubled in size!

Although the pot is doing a great job of holding your tree upright and helping it to grow, it’s likely that the pot is just a basic plant pot from the garden centre. So how can you make the base of the tree look a little more festive?


  • You could pop the pot into a hessian sack, or even a red velvet Santa’s sack. Just make sure you put the tree’s pot inside a waterproof pot first so that you can still water the tree if needed.
  • Likewise, you could wrap a box with wrapping paper and put the plant pots inside the box turn the base of the tree into one of the presents. It’ll blend in seamlessly with all the other gifts under the tree.
  • You could grab an old bucket and spray paint it in glinting gold like I did (above). All you need is some direct-to-plastic spray paint or, you could use a plastic primer any colour paint you like.
  • Choose a lovely ceramic plant pot that’s a size bigger than the tree pot and use that as a cover-up.
  • Or simply pile up so many presents under the tree that the pot is completely obscured anyway!

Let me know what you think of these ideas and please share your own tips for prettifying a Christmas tree plant pot in the comments below – I’d love to hear your ideas 🙂


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