Home improvement ideas: Refreshing the exterior with a colourful front door

You know how something isn't a problem until you notice it? A feature so functional that you barely see it but then realise it's not to your taste or could be improved? Well that's how I feel about my front door, which is why I've decided to revamp it...

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You know how something isn’t a problem until you notice it? How something in your home can be so functional that you barely see it but then you realise that it’s not to your taste or isn’t working as well as it could? It may have always been like that but it’s only now that your eye has honed in on it that you want to make a change. Well, that’s how I feel about my front door.

Last night, I was browsing Instagram and my blogging buddy Becky from @PinksCharming posted a photo of her door. It’s pink (her favourite colour, as you might guess from her IG handle), it has lovely hardware and even a little ‘hello’ sign to welcome visitors. I immediately messaged her to find out more about how she gave her front door such a glorious makeover.

That’s when I realised just how dated my own PVC front door is. I never really paid any attention to it before – it’s just a standard white door, probably from the turn of this century (how weird does it sound to say that?!) and rather neglected. In fact, I can’t even remember the last time I cleaned it. Taking a peek outside now, cleaning it is probably the least of its problems.

So, I’ve decided it’s either time for a change or time for a revamp. Knowing (from Becky’s blog post) that it’ll take at least a day to paint and that I’ll need to spend out on new hardware, I figured it makes sense to look at alternative options. I’ve never looked for a new front door before and you know how much I love to research home improvement ideas, so I started where most people start – on Pinterest.

I was immediately drawn to minimalist styles and doors with a mid-century vibe. If you’ve browsed any of my interiors blog posts, you’ll know what a fan of MCM design I am and that my home is full of teak furniture. Plus, I think this would suit my home better than the white door we currently have – the house was built in 1950, after all.

This Pinterest narrowed down my ideas and led me to browse some excellent supplier websites, where I discovered that there are so many options for front doors now – aluminium, wood, PVC, composite doors and a whole range of colours and styles. I think the key for choosing new fixings likes this is to visit your local showroom so you can really see the finish, colour, texture and quality in person so, for now, I’ll put my new door dreams on hold until I can pop to my local showroom in ‘real life’.

I might try the painting option for the time being and get a new door fitted later. I’ve previously spray-painted the inside of my back door with Rust-Oleum paint, so I know how quick and easy it could be to use spray paint. But I don’t know how hardwearing the paint will be on the exterior of the house. I will have to investigate further OR use the same Frenchic paint that Becky from Pinks Charming used on her own back door, although probably in a bright mid-century orange rather than pink.

Now that I’ve noticed that my front door isn’t the best, I feel like I NEED a new one. In fact, it’ll probably be my main DIY focus until it’s done! If you’ve recently revamped your door please let me know how you did it in the comments below and feel free to share your recommendations for the best type of new front door – I’d love to get your opinions. 🙂


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