Creative and educational (non-edible!) Easter gift ideas for kids and teens

Rather than filling your kids with chocolate eggs (let's face it, they'll be getting loads from aunts, uncles and grandparents anyway!) how about getting them a different kind of Easter gift this year?

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Getting your children a gift for Easter is a double-win. Not only do they get something non-edible, rather than yet another chocolate bunny, these gifts also provide entertainment during the school holidays.

I’ve chosen each present idea for its creative/educational/practical purpose to ensure it delivers a fun activity over Easter, as well as for its eco-friendly credentials.

Here are some ideas for all ages, from little ones to teens…

Construction toys

I’ve said it many times before, but construction toys like Geomag are a great gifting choice for kids. The kits can be used time and again as children try out different building techniques and create new shapes. Plus, it’s a screen-free activity – bonus!

There are kits for all ages, starting with the Magicube set for ages 1-5 years. These chunky cubes are magnetic so they always connect – enabling your toddler to easily construct a design of their own. An added bonus is that they’re made from 100% recycled plastic and can be combined with other sets to make larger builds.

The Geomag Glitter Panels kit is suitable for older kids (and adults – you know you want to have a go!) and contains powerful magnetic rods and shares that allow the construction of panelled designs and geometric shapes.

These kits all help to develop your child’s fine motor skills and help them to learn through play, which is why the Geomag range is recommended as a STEM-certified activity. Coming up with their own designs helps to boost kids’ creativity and imagination, too.

Creativity toys

Rather than playing with toys, older kids and teens will love the opportunity to explore their creativity while using their tech so treat them to something to get them interested in photography. The #SelfieBag from the Cotton Bag Co contains a photography kit to help them to make the most of their smartphone camera.

The reusable, zip-top bag is made from sturdy cotton canvas and had an internal pocket, so it could even double as an everyday tote. The colourful eye design is printed with eco-friendly water-based lead-free inks, making it an environmentally friendly gift, too.

Inside the bag, your teen will find everything they need to take more professional shots and develop their photography skills, including a bluetooth tripod selfie stick, pop up reflector and LED ring light with charging lead and a range of settings. They’ll enjoy hours of experimenting with photography techniques and improve their creativity skills in the process.

Another kit that combines science with creativity is a make-your-own Newton’s Lab Colour Disc. It’s suitable for ages 14+ and will help your teen to discover the world of physics while they construct the spinning disc.

There are multiple discs in the kit so it’s not just a one-off activity – they can try different colour combinations to learn about the principles of light and colour mixing. Or you can all do the activity as a family by creating a colour disc each and have fun together.

Outdoor toys

Anything that helps to get kids outside and interact with nature is a great gift in my books. So, a dumper truck that your little one can take to the beach or use to dig in the garden is a winner. This is one of Dantoy’s Blue Marine Toys, which are made from recycled maritime materials – another environmental bonus. It’s suitable for ages 2+ so even little gardeners can enjoy playing in the garden with this truck.

10% of all the plastic in the ocean is maritime waste, such as nets, lines and ropes so Dantoy has reused these items to create their recycled plastic range. Other items in the collection include spades, forks and sieves that can be used with sand or soil, and water-play toys like a boat and bucket.

Another kit that’ll get older kids outdoors is the cable transport kit from Kikkerland. The pulley system can connect tree branches or playhouses and enable children to send messages or transport items through a cable-car system.

As there’s a 20m rope in the kit that needs attaching to high points, it’ll require adult supervision – so that means you can all play together as a family. Get outside, breathe in the fresh air and set up a cable transport system that the children will enjoy using for sending messages across the distance.

I hope these gift ideas have given you some inspiration for fun Easter presents that’ll double up as a creative activity for the Easter holidays. Let me know if you can recommend any other STEM or artistic gifts for kids and teens in the comments below.

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  1. I have the selfie bag, love the design of it.
    Also if my son was a bit younger I would definitely be getting him the cable transport, love it.

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