3 Hottest wallpaper patterns to try & how to do it your own way

Wallpaper is one of the easiest ways to bring a whole new look to your interior. Just a roll or two can make all the difference with a feature wall that brings impact and colour. Here are three of the hottest trends, and different ways to make them work in your home...

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If you want to revamp your home but are on a tight budget, why not pick up a roll of wallpaper? Creating a feature wall in your bedroom, hallway or living space can completely change the mood of a room, turning it from minimalist to maximalist or bland to vibrant.

It’s also one of the quickest makeover projects you can do, as you don’t need to prep the wall and, if done carefully, it shouldn’t make any mess – especially with these paste-the-wall papers. Plus, there’s no drying time to wait before you can bring furniture back into the space and start using your room again.

I’ve picked out three of the hottest wallpaper trends for you to try – and I want to show you different ways to get the look that suits your own style. All of these designs are from the Versace wallpaper collection at Bricoflor and are available in different colours to give you plenty of choice. There’s no point going for a jungle print if it’s going to overwhelm your room BUT that doesn’t mean you can’t embrace the trend in your own way.

Here’s how to make pattern work in your home:


In contrast to the simple minimalist ‘white box’ interiors that have been fashionable for many years, lots of us are turning to patterned wallpaper and fabric prints to bring a more cosy feel and maximalist look to our homes. It helps to add personality to a room and can be dramatic, colourful or even subtle.

Basically, any wallpaper with a busy print can be considered maximalist but it especially applies to ornate repeat patterns and colourful designs. Here, a patterned plate design brings a trending ‘cottagecore’ feel to the space. This works particularly well as a backdrop for vintage furniture and traditional floral fabrics, either in a country farmhouse or a period townhouse.

Below you can see a selection of designs within one space, which might give you an idea of how to incorporate a clash of patterns into your interior. One way to break up an expanse of pattern is to go for a patchwork design, which you can see through the archway in this photo. This allows a bold print to be combined with more subtle colours to tone it down and personalise your space.

Or, you can go for a maximalist print but in a pale hue (like the image at the top of this article) to incorporate an intricate design in your home, but without over-powering the room. This works especially well in smaller spaces, where lighter colours can help the room to feel bigger.

Geometric pattern

One of my favourite wallpaper designs is a geometric print. I think it works well in both contemporary and traditional period interiors to bring a dash of glamorous pattern to a room. The thing with a repetitive print like this is that it can be either subtle or striking, depending on the scale.

For example, this oversized design in bold black and gold is undeniably eye-catching. It brings a contemporary Art Deco effect to the wall, much like the interiors at Eltham Palace – in fact, it reminds me very much of the doors into the dining room there.

It’s the large scale of the design that gives it such impact, whereas the gold and black colour tones and the sheen on the paper actually help to make the maze-like pattern feel quite subtle. You could stick to one colour for a pared-back look, or choose two rolls of the same wallpaper in different colours and hang it in contrasting stripes like this.

Buying the same wallpaper pattern in two of your favourite colours is an easy and low-cost way to customise your feature wall and make your interior completely unique to you. I think this design is one of my favourites and I would definitely include it in a period home.

In complete contrast, the pattern on the wallpaper below is compact. Although the Art Deco, geometric effect is the same, it’s so much more ‘live-with-able’ because the colours within the pattern are very close in tone and it blends into the background as one harmonious colour with a subtle print and sheen.

The smaller scale of the print makes it feel more mid-century modern, so it would work in the most contemporary of interiors. It would make a great backdrop for Scandi-style vintage furniture or atomic-patterned melamine pieces.

Jungle print

It’s been a trend for many years but the urban jungle look is here to stay. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go all-out with bright green leafy walls – although I do personally love the turquoise blue background of this print. It would be a colourful contrast to my retro teak furniture and really allow it to stand out.

However, in your own interior, you might want to try a less vibrant jungle-style effect and that’s where monochrome wallpapers come in. Juxtaposing a botanical pattern with an unexpected colour – such as black, gold or cream can make the jungle design feel less trend-led and more timeless.

In fact, my favourite palm leaf paper is the one below, which is more about the texture of the leaves and the sheen of the paper than the print itself. It’s actually the same design as the green one above, but the cream colour means it’s a more neutral backdrop for any room if you want to create a peaceful living space.

So there you have it, multiple ways to incorporate the hottest wallpaper patterns into your interior, without overwhelming your space. I hope this article has inspired you to embrace bold prints and hang them your own way – in a patchwork, with a border, or as a striking striped effect – to customise your home. And all for the cost of a roll of paper!

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