Print on demand and DIY crafters: custom products for creative projects

The trend of DIY crafting has been rapidly gaining popularity in recent years as more and more people seek out personalised products. If you're a creative business and want to add more designs to your range, here's how print-on-demand services can help...

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Whether it’s jewellery or customised clothing, individuals are eager to express their creativity and individuality through their arts and crafts, with many makers starting a side hustle business to share their creations. As a result, print-on-demand services have emerged as a fantastic tool to support this pursuit.

Print on demand companies follow a business model that empowers DIY crafters to design their products and have them printed and delivered as needed. With POD services, crafters can create custom items like t-shirts, mugs, phone cases, and wall art without needing specialized equipment or maintaining inventories.

So, how exactly does print on demand work? 

It’s pretty straightforward, as DIY enthusiasts can design their creations using design software and utilise online design tools provided by the POD service. Once they finalise the design, they can upload it onto the POD platform for customers to browse and purchase. When a customer orders, the POD service handles printing, packaging, and shipping the product directly to them.


DIY crafters find print on demand a win-win situation as they earn a commission on each sale. One of the benefits of using print on demand for DIY crafting is that it eliminates the need for a range of tools and equipment and storage space. Traditional crafting often requires specific tools and materials for products, which can be costly and space-consuming. However, with print on demand, crafters can create designs digitally and leave the rest to the POD service, allowing them to focus solely on their projects while significantly reducing the overhead costs associated with traditional crafting.

Scope for Expansion

Another advantage of print on demand companies is their potential to expand the customer base for DIY crafters. By utilizing the POD platform, crafters gain access to a vast pool of customers that would have otherwise been difficult to reach. This exposure can increase sales and brand recognition, enabling DIY crafters to grow their businesses and explore various ventures.

Increased Flexibility

Furthermore, print on demand offers flexibility by allowing crafters to test designs and product ideas without worrying about wasting materials or resources. Adjusting or experimenting with techniques can be time-consuming and expensive in traditional crafting methods. On the other hand, print on demand enables artisans to effortlessly create and modify designs, making adapting to changing trends or customer demands much simpler.

Supporting Artists

Aside from its advantages for DIY crafters, print on demand also benefits consumers. By supporting artists and artisans, customers can discover one-of-a-kind products not typically found in mainstream stores, allowing them to showcase their individuality and stand out from the crowd. Furthermore, print on demand often allows for customization options, enabling customers to add their personal touch to their purchases. Whether it’s a name, a colour choice, or a customized message, print on demand empowers consumers to personalize their products.

Conduct Research 

However, it is crucial for DIY crafters to carefully select a print on demand service that prioritizes quality and customer satisfaction. With numerous options available in the market, conducting research and reading reviews before committing to any platform is essential. Crafters should seek a POD service that offers top-notch printing quality, reliable shipping services, and excellent customer support. Additionally, understanding the POD service’s pricing structure and commission rates is essential in aligning with the crafters’ business goals and expectations.

Print on demand has transformed the realm of do-it-yourself crafting. It provides crafters with a cost-effective method to design and sell products. Its versatility and array of options make print on demand an indispensable tool for DIY crafters seeking to transform their creative endeavors into profitable ventures.

Whether you’re a crafter or just embarking on your journey, it’s worth exploring the potential of print on demand to give life to your imaginative ideas. Let me know if you’ve tried this process before in the comments below, I’d love to hear your experiences.

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