Pieday Friday Recipe – Coffee & walnut cupcakes!

I had fun making some treats for my family last night and wanted to share my achievement with you all.


Mum had been hinting about wanting a coffee and walnut cake for a while, but she couldn’t buy a whole one to eat by herself and I’d previously made a batch for her as a Christmas gift to keep in the freezer and just defrost one when she fancied a treat on her own.

I’ve since discovered that my husband and brother are also keen on walnut cake so I have finally got together the ingredients and set about making individual coffee and walnut cupcakes…


I used a standard sponge recipe from my favourite Bero recipe book and modified it a bit by adding a little espresso coffee and some chopped walnuts.

Despite one coffee spillage down my dress, the cakes made it into the oven almost in one piece and I scrubbed the stain of my dress whilst they cooked for 20 minutes at 180 degrees.

After taking a quick poll of my mother and husband, it was decided that butter icing would be whipped up for the topping. Again, I added a few drops of coffee for taste and plopped a whole walnut on the top of each cake.


I don’t actually like coffee and walnut cake but my family reassures me that they are yummy! As I’d made a standard sponge reciepe, I’d put aside some plain mix to make a couple of cakes for me before adding the coffee and walnuts – see, not just a pretty face! ;o)

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