Cassiefairy has always been Cassiefairy

Apparently, I once found a fairy at the bottom of the garden, aged 2 and (although it is fairly unlikely seeing as we lived in a flat with only a large balcony garden at the time), I can certainly remember the occasion – somewhere there is photo of the toddler version of me beaming from ear to ear in a pink dress having just found my first fairy!

Even as a young teenager I was totally loved-up with all things fairy and these photos that my mum recently dug out proves that my obsession is longer-standing than I’d thought!

Just look at these photos of my teenage bedroom – fairy wings as interior decoration – check! Mr Men stuck to the door – check! Fluffy fairy mask GCSE project – Check!



One final piece of evidence of my long-lived fairyness is my first email address as a teenager which was also £Cassiefairy” yes, the same email address that I use today – who’d have thought that I’d eventually have a website and a business to go with it!

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