Tuesday Shoesday – Meet you on the platform…

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After trawling through this week’s Heat magazine, I’ve noticed that celebs are still very much in love with their platform shoes – Danni Minogue was spotted travelling home to Melbourne in a gorgeous pair of black patent platforms with a delicate ankle strap, Alesha Dixon accessorised her colour-blocking with nude stacked heels and Frankie Sandford from The Saturdays was papped in a pair of cork-soled platforms.

Never to be one to miss out on a trend, and with a severe lack of platform shoes in my wardrobe, I thought it was about time that I investigated getting myself a bargain pair to stride into summer with. Not only will they add much-needed height to my little-over 5ft frame, but they won’t hurt my feet as much as a pair of height-boosting stilettos because I’ll already be a couple of inches higher up with the platform sole alone!

Platform shoes are also ideal for wearing with this season’s coloured jeans. I’ve always kept well away from skinny jeans for fear of looking like a stumpy hockey-stick in my flat pumps but platform heels lend a touch of glamour to this difficult-to-wear style and even makes skinny jeans acceptable for a night out…

So it’s about time I added them to my wardrobe (think of all the new jeans and maxi dresses I can now buy!) and with over 400 pairs of platform shoes on the website, I was sure that I’d be able to find what I was looking for there! Luckily I spotted these über-elegant Timeless heels, which reminded me of Danni Minogue’s footwear, but with a slightly naughty rock-chic twist with the snakeskin effect on the heel and ankle strap I also heart these nude platforms with a cork stack – killing two trends with one shoe! I’m certain they’ll go with everything thing as Alesha & Frankie proved earlier this week! And my final favourites are these tasty bright raffia pink heels by Babycham which are ideal for channelling the cute candy trend I blogged about last week. All of these shoes also have the key trend for Autumn/Winter 2012 – the ankle strap was all over the Paris Fashion Week catwalks – so I will certainly get a lot of wear out of any of these heels for seasons to come! Now where’s my purse?

What do you think about my choice of footwear? Do you like platforms yourself? Do you wear them for the extra height? – I think I’ll find it odd to be so tall! Leave me a comment, I’d love to hear your opinion on this trend!

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  1. Hello! Totally agree- platforms are the way forward… especially when you want to walk confidently- you can walk with a strut and lots of head held high without fear of falling flat on your face like stilettos! I love nude patent- Alesha Dixon stylee, I have worn my pair with everything- jeans, playsuits, dresses, leggings- very versatile. Great Tuesday Shoeday post, looking forward to more 🙂 Off to check out the Barratts website now! xxxx

  2. i know what you mean! I actually bought my winter boots from and they’ve lasted pretty well despite all the rain, snow and mud I’ve inflicted on them! x

  3. Boots, I’ve been wearing boots since last September. I’m looking forward to being able to wear shoes again in the summer!

  4. Platforms have never been ‘my thing’, but can’t beat a bit of Barratts! Thanks for another enjoyable blog… Time for a blog post on men’s boots one week soon I think! 😉 X

  5. the platform/wedges are easier to walk in then steletto platforms, I can also walk long in wedges lol

  6. Oooh, well I’ve never tried to walk in platforms before, I reckon it’ll take a bit of practice but I think it’ll be worth it for the extra height! x

  7. Ahh I find it difficult to walk in platforms cos they’re sometimes heavier than normal heels, I dodder around in them so they are usually kept for looking at but not wearing…

  8. Anything Danni Minogue wears is fine by me. she’s maybe coming back to X-factor this year great (on the news today)

  9. Awesome blog! Just had a sneeky peekie at the site and fallen in love with the London Rebel Leopard Print Ballerinas (and they are only on the first page)! Time to grab a cup of tea and then down to some serious shoe viewing………

  10. Love love love platforms! Always wear them on a night out! Wouldn’t be seen without them! 🙂

  11. Seems like its only specialist sports shops, some bowling alleys (obv) and for us comfy footwear fans – try Ebay! I’ve found some pink & purple bowling shoes I really like (this blog is costing me a lot!)

  12. i loveeee platforms, my staple going out shoe! especially nude ones, they go with absolutely everything and make your legs look extra long! those black and snakeskin ones are lush, perfect to glam up some skinnys for a night out!fab post 🙂 xXx

  13. Another good Tuesday Shoesday post – I want the update on your bowling shoes; have u found out where to get them yet?

  14. When you’re as little as I am, that extra couple of inches really goes a long way..!

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