Today is an exciting day…

I am pleased to announce that my blog now has its own domain name! Yes, I must be a grown-up in the world of blogging now, because I have thrown off the shackles of the domain (although, of course, my blog is still hosted  by WordPress, because its awesome) and I have shortened my blog address to hurrah! The old will still get you to my blog homepage, but now I can share my domain name with anyone who’ll listen with ease!

It’s a big deal for me, because I’ve finally invested in my blog with actual money (yes, sadly it costs money to add a domain to WordPress blogs, otherwise I’d have done it a long time ago…), rather than just time (blood, sweat and tears aside) and it kind of tells me that I actually believe in my blog, in my readers and in continuing blogging for the forseeable future. Eek what have I done?! Well, I guess you guys are stuck with me now – let’s hope you’re as happy about that as I am!

Let’s celebrate with a few of my most popular posts from the past couple of years:

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