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With the summer wedding season fast approaching, I have decided to start a series of blog posts on the subject of that most important bridal tradition – the Hen Party. I will be writing a few posts of my own hen party experiences and I am also inviting other lovely bloggers to share their ideas for creating the perfect hen do. Over the coming weeks we’ll have craft tutorials, ideas for games and budget planning from Lacey in Places and this week writer Ellen Avants has shared the following article about personalising a hen party to make it extra special for the bride, bridesmaids and guests. Enjoy!

Whether you choose to take your party out of the henhouse, or keeping within the coop, a hen party is a time in which friends come together to give a bride a fun sendoff as she leaves one chapter of her life to enter the next. The possible settings are endless and, take note, themed hen parties are increasingly popular as ladies look for a way to make the night memorable. When going out for a night on the town, you can set the night apart by wearing hen tank tops, tutus or, for those who are daring, playboy bunny outfits. For a look that is both elegant and sassy, why not have partygoers pull out their favorite little black dresses? Just make sure that everyone can easily move about and is comfortable in their outfits, or else they’re in for a very long night! Of course, the bride-to-be should receive special treatment, perhaps with a telltale necklace, tiara, or a different coloured outfit that will stand out. It would be a thoughtful gift to provide some flip-flops for everyone to change into after many hours in high heels. Other common accessories for hen parties include boas, party badges, fun hats, candy rings and more. You can make the party favors practical for both the special night and everyday life – one idea is to gift your bridesmaids and favorite friends a cute little clutch with portable tissues, a stick of lip balm, a snack bar and mini hand sanitizer. Or how about a cute flask or shot glass that they can drink from? When choosing your favours, have them personalized to make your bridesmaids feel extra special.

hen party ideas for personalised event pampering spa

A more relaxing idea would be a spa party, where you can order all your ladies a monogrammed robe and engraved champagne flute; add on a pair of slippers if you’re feeling generous, and voila! A spa-themed party can be held within a luxurious establishment or even within the comfort of your own home – place a few strategically lit candles, whip up some natural face masks, have healthy snacks available and play some soothing tunes, and your home can be transformed into a relaxing haven in which a bride-to-be can unwind and laugh with her bridesmaids as she receives a manicure.

Source: via Cassiefairy on Pinterest

Throughout the planning process, always keep in mind the bride’s personal preferences. While you may think that crude toys are hilarious, don’t travel down that path if they’re likely to make her uncomfortable. If you’re weary of crossing the line, there are plenty of ways in which you can be subtly mischievous. Consider serving cheeky cookies or giving the bride the option of playing naughty games like “Never Have I Ever,” a game in which a person takes a drink every time they have experienced something that another player has never done. Have fun with photographs to create memories that will last for a lifetime!  Perhaps you and the partygoers can stage the “morning-after mug shots” in which each woman, presumably looking a little disheveled, poses in front of a blank wall with a name card—Bridesmaid, Bride-to-Be, “Maid of Dishonor”—and each photo labeled with the date of the night before. It’s playful, fun, and certainly a happy medium between the usual posed group pictures and those not permitted on the World Wide Web!

So, when planning a hen party, don’t neglect the details. After all, it is the creative touches that can elevate the night and make your bride feel like a princess. With a little bit of thought and creativity, as well as a lot of love, you can give your friend a wonderful party; and brides, return the favour with tokens of appreciation for your bridesmaids for making your big day a little more special.

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  1. Love your great ideas, and look forward to reading more tips on how to do things on a budget

  2. They are just fantastic, I love them! I hope some of my readers check out your website for the instructions on how to makem “cheeky” bikini cookies 😉 x

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