Our 10th wedding anniversary & how we got here..!

If you’ve been reading my blog over the past couple of months, you’ll know that my husband and I are fast approaching our 10th wedding anniversary. We are planning a party to celebrate because we think it’s a big achievement, especially considering that we got married so young! Plus, if we don’t celebrate it now, we kind of have to wait another 15 years for a big party – the milestone that most couples celebrate is their 25th silver wedding anniversary.

We have booked the venue and I’m currently sorting out the decorations and the ideas for making the party extra special – I could certainly do with some inspiration so please get in touch if you have any decor ideas that I can use! Our wedding theme was simply white and baby blue, but we didn’t have a whole venue to decorate (only a marquee with a few balloons – like I said, we were young and getting married on a shoestring!). When we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary with friends, we held a small garden party with vintage tea party treats (check out our photos below) which I really enjoyed, but again I didn’t have to worry about turning a hall to a party venue! I think we actually have a little more of a budget for this anniversary party than we had for our wedding (I recently found the receipt for our catering and could not believe how low the price was!) so we’d like to finally celebrate our marriage with a party that will end up being more of a second wedding than a party!

wedding anniversary party celebrations marquee tea party

So I’ve recently been thinking back over our life together and what we have (or haven’t!) achieved together. While many of our friends were studying at university, we both left college to live together and worked hard to pay our bills. When our school-friends were graduating and starting out in their careers, hubby and I moved to the other side and end of the country to study at university as mature students. As our pals started getting mortgages, we were graduating from our Masters and when our siblings were having babies, we were just starting out in our new house and new careers. And now, as our university friends are getting married, we are celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary. I can’t help but think that we’ve been doing things a slightly squiffy way round!

But it’s worked out well for us and we have definitely made the most of our teens and twenties – I mean, we were students for 8 years on and off! And living on such a tight budget for so long has definitely given us a better perspective on money; we are very frugal and I’m we won’t struggle to save for a mortgage in the future! We have done a lot of growing-up together and our life experiences are shared experiences, so I’m pretty sure that puts us in good stead for the rest of our life together. Bring on the next 10 years… and beyond! Please get in touch if you have any ideas for our party and let me know what you did for your wedding or anniversary! I’d love to hear from you so please leave a comment below or email me your photos cassie@cassiefairy.co.uk

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