Pieday Friday ~ Cheeky choccie cake pops

This week I decided to try out a new piece of silicone bakeware that I got from Dunelm Mill – a cake-pop tray. I’ve seen lots of tutorials online for making cake pops and felt like I was missing out on a big cake-baking trend, so I decided to give it a go. It looks pretty difficult and a lot of fuss but with the silicone tray it was as easy as baking cupcakes! I used a standard vanilla cupcake recipe and filled half the tray with vanilla sponge (after spraying it with Fry-Light so that it wouldn’t stick) and then mixed some melted chocolate and cocoa powder into the second half of the mixture and add that to the tray too.

pieday friday making cake pops using baking tray from dunelm mill

I put them in the oven and promptly forgot all about them, but even though these tiny cakes had been baking for 20 minutes (I was expecting they would be done in about 10 minutes) the silicone tray ‘lid’ had protected them from burning, so they were all fine! I think that the lid would usually mean that the cakes came out a perfect round shape, but because I had over cooked them, they fell a little flat, so I decided to trim off the tops of the cakes to make halves and sandwiched them together with melted cake-decorating chocolate. One of the tutorials that I watched online suggested dipping the cake-pop stick into the chocolate before inserting into the cake, which would hold it in place better once the chocolate had set. This was a great tip, because otherwise the cakes would swivel around on the stick when you’re dipping them in the chocolate topping!

pieday friday making cake pops using baking tray from dunelm mill chocolate

I dipped the cake pops into the melted chocolate so that they were covered all over and poked them into an upturned egg box to set for a short while before decorating them. While the chocolate is still a bit melty you can dip them into sprinkles or grated chocolate but I left my cake pops to set for a little bit longer and decorated them with squeezy white and dark chocolate icing. This looked great and although it took a while to set, it was very yummy with a cuppa later on that day!

pieday friday making cake pops using baking tray from dunelm mill chocolate cupcakes

Let me know if you have a go at making your own cake pops – I know there seems to be a lot of waiting around while the chocolate sets, but it is well worth it for creating an impressive display of cakes! Tweet me photos of your baking achievements to @Cassiefairy.


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