Holiday activity ~ Movie marathan to keep you feeling festive

So Christmas is over but it’s still the holidays so you’ll be looking for activities to keep yourselves and the children entertained until they go back to school in January. I’ve already shared ideas for Christmas films to watch so now I’d like to suggest some options for a holiday movie marathon. These are films that aren’t specifically Christmas films, but they will keep you feeling festive nonetheless.

Non Christmas Holiday Films to keep you feeling festive

  1. The Holiday – not exactly about Christmas (they skip over xmas day altogether in the film) but it takes place during the holiday season and end at New Years eve – and we’ve still go that to look forward to in a few days time!
  2. When Harry Met Sally – A film that cycles through years in the characters lives, so we see them preparing for Chirstmases and enjoying holiday parties and although there’s no xmas day story, it too ends at on New Years Eve.
  3. You’ve Got Mail – The film starts in the autumn and continues through Christmas and into spring so it’s lovely to watch the changing seasons in this film with a New York backdrop and you can look forward to spring 🙂
  4. Sleepless in Seattle – Another Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks film which starts at Christmas and follows the characters up to Valentines day, perfect for keeping you festive but without being all about Santa.
  5. March of the Penguins – A beautiful documentary narrated by Morgan Freeman is very relaxing to watch and the snowy landscape makes you want to snuggle up under a blanket and keep warm.
  6. Oliver and Shrek – classic family films that are usually aired during the festive period but aren’t about Christmas.
  7. Bridget Jones’ Diary – This film begins with a snowy scene on new years day and follows the life of Bridget over the course of a year, ending with Christmas, New Years and another snowy final scene! Festive, but no santa references, apart from Mr Darcy’s reindeer jumper!

I hope you enjoy relaxing with these films and let me know if you have any other suggestions for non-christmas movies that make you feel festive 🙂

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