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Great news – I’ve finished making those cushion covers! I know I’m a week later than I promised but they are all done AND I’ve made a start on a quilted throw with the fabric I had leftover. That might take a while to finish but I’m not worried, at least I’ve sat at my sewing machine and have done some making, phew. The procrastination I was feeling was similar to when I was a student at university and I knew I had a big assignment to write, but turning on the computer itself was difficult enough, and that blank page of a text document was particularly difficult to conquer. In this instance, it was the sewing machine that was hard to turn on, and the fabric was staring back at me like a blank page. Like writers block, but sewing block, I guess – although I knew what I wanted to make and had all the supplies I needed, so there was really no excuse for not just cracking on with it. Still, at least this got me thinking about a student-esque study space, and I started to wonder whether the alcove beside my fireplace wall could be a possible spot for a neat and tidy desk area.

bedroom makeover small cast iron feature fireplace

It would allow me to keep all of my office bits in one place until I finish my caravan workshop (another project that has stalled during the winter!) and it would keep paperwork out of the living room where is currently stacking up. I’m sure I’m not the only one who needs to sort out a dedicated study space, and with students returning to university this week for the start of a new semester I thought that now would be a good time to research what space-saving dorm stuff there is out there.

I started my desk ideas research on Pinterest and came up with some fantastic space-saving ideas. The first option I found was fitting shelves and desk space into the alcove, which would really make the most of the space – at the moment there are just some drawers in the alcove and all of the space above it is wasted. So perhaps some floating shelves would give me some more storage space where I could use baskets or boxes to store my bits and pieces neatly. However, while browsing Pinterest, my eye landed on a genius idea – I particularly like the idea of a concealed workspace within a wardrobe. So my bedroom would continue to look like a bedroom with  pair of wardrobes, but one of these would house my desk, all my computer stuff and paperwork – excellent!

dream a little dream brocade desk accessories ocm

So all I need is a wardrobe and I can get started! The next step is desk storage solutions such as files, letter racks, boxes etc to keep everything tidy within the concealed desk space – there’s no point in having a custom-made storage solution if I’m just going to stuff all my mess into it haphazardly. I’d heard about a website which specialises in dorm stuff for students so I had a browse of their desk solutions and came up with these laser-cut storage options from OCM above. They will look great in my bedroom, tie in with the existing decor and keep all my paperwork tidy.

dream a little dream funny bedroom cushions  from ocm

I also ‘accidentally’ had a look at their bedding section and found these funny cushions – all of which would look great with my colour scheme and would have saved me a lot of time instead of making my own cushion covers. I know, I know, my handmade cushion covers are the matching fabric for my blinds and they tie the whole room together but these cushions are so cool and are the right kind of colours too. Maybe I’ll add one of them to my bed anyway – but which one??

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