What to get for the man who has everything – well, he’s already got me ;)

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This is a thrice-yearly problem for me. I have a husband who doesn’t want anything. For birthdays he insists he’d rather no-one celebrated it, at Christmas he claims he doesn’t want a stocking, and thinks that Valentines Day shouldn’t warrant any effort. Actually, make that 4 times a year: even on our anniversary he starts dropping hints during the weeks beforehand that he won’t be expecting a gift. Yet he spoils me every time. I think ‘showered with gifts’ is the correct term. Thankfully, I always ignore him and go ahead and buy him loads of prezzies anyway, and of course he is delighted. You see, he’s not all bah humbug or a grumpy old sod, he simply doesn’t want anyone to make a fuss but is always pleasantly surprised when we all do! This year I’ve been going for a different approach to gift giving and trying out some new, thrifty ideas for the man who doesn’t want anything. Here are my plans:

  1. Spend hours creating a Facebook album with all his silliest photos then share it with friends on the big day and tag him in all 100 images. It could be all the fancy dress outfits he’s worn over the years, or his worst face-pulling antics. The album I’ve made is ‘The Beard’ including all the silly shapes he’s trimmed his beard into over our lifetime together including Ali G goatee, handle-bar moustache and ‘the tiger’. There’s nothing like a bit of public humiliation to say ‘happy birthday’ to the one you love.

pieday friday white and milk chocolate chip sponge cake recipe

  1. Bake a massive cake. You don’t have to be the best cook and it doesn’t have to taste amazing: it just has to be BIG with piles of sweets and choccies on top. They say size doesn’t matter, but it does when it comes to a man’s birthday cake. I already know that I’m a bit rubbish at making cake (honestly, I’m getting worse – my last attempt was put out for the birds and even they didn’t want it) so I’ve bought some packet mixes to make sure I don’t go too far wrong and will just cover up any mistakes with a load of buttercream and chocolate icing!

  2. Sticking with the food theme, take him out for a big slap-up dinner. Again, it doesn’t have to be expensive, posh or luxurious – just BIG. Think massive portions, meaty meals and huge ‘sharer’ desserts for one. All-you-can-eat buffets really come into their own on birthdays, and if you don’t fancy a night out how about ‘one of everything’ on the takeaway menu? Burgers, chicken, pizza, chips, kebab (hold the salad) and a 2 litre bottle of fizzy pop will result in a very satisfied man at the end of the meal.

  3. Make him do something. Buy an experience voucher and send him out on a fun activity for the day. Paintballing, golf, knitting classes etc. One of the most memorable gifts I’ve ever bought hubby, and the one he always refers to, is a racing day at Silverstone. He loved driving that Ferrari and 9 years on we still have a photo of ‘my little racing driver’ hanging on the bedroom wall to prove it. But doesn’t have to be a pricey activity and there are plenty of discount deals available online, just shop around and go for the cheapest. I mean, the one he’ll enjoy the most. 😉 Or maybe try, which is a new and innovative service that helps you to manage all your loyalty programs and gift cards in the same place, so he can choose what he’d like to spend the gift voucher on for himself, and get something he really wants!

So what do you think of my plans for hubby’s next celebration? Do you have any ideas of your own for treating the man you love without spending a fortune?

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  1. Ooh that’s a great idea!! I’ll be copying you with that one! 😉 x

  2. Baking a cake and the FB album are great ideas. One year I made vouchers that he could use whenever he wanted. You can make them as *ahem* saucy as you want but the funniest ones were daft vouchers like ‘One hour’s control of tv remote’.

    There were plenty of others that were a bit more imaginative but I just drew them and put them in a card. He loved em – congrats on having such a lovely hubby 😉

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