The best personalised Christmas gift ever!

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Have you ever thought that you’d like to create something a little different for a special someone this Christmas? Do you want to make a personalised gift but don’t have the time (or skills!) to be able to craft something yourself? I certainly fall into this category but even so, I wanted to create a gift that means something more for the special people in my life and I found just the place!

Through a friend I heard about The Book of Everyone. Now, even though I can’t tell you who my gift is for (because that would spoil the surprise!) I can let you know about the service that I used to create this amazing gift in only a few minutes. This is a book that is completely personalised to the person you nominate, including facts about them that you never even knew, thanks to a genius piece of technology that pulls together information from around the world based on the date of birth and name you enter into the book. Without me giving any further input, I’d created a book of thoroughly interesting personalised facts within about a minute. Yes it’s that fast to create and completely free to preview.

There’s even the option to edit certain pages of the book to include text captions, choose different stock backgrounds and images, or to even upload your own photos. Thankfully it’s completely fool-proof as you can only edit the fields that the book software allows, so it’s not possible to ruin all your hard work or lose a setting. Even with adding some personalised photos and changing some elements of the design, I only took about 10 minutes in total to create a book that has clearly taken the brand’s designers, artists and researchers years to develop.

When I started to create a book for my gift recipient I read up about The Book of Everyone and I found out that they are doing a fabulous collaboration with Age UK: every book you buy goes towards the β€œgifting” of a book for an elderly person who may not receive a gift. I don’t think that they shout about their fantastic charity work enough, and it only pops up at the end of the ordering process, so I wanted to let you know that these books are contributing to a great cause, as well as helping us tick presents off our Christmas list!

And the best thing is that every book is totally unique! So if I were to create one for every member of my family, each copy would be completely different and would be created based on the facts and figures of each family member’s date of birth and name. I think The Book of Everyone would be an excellent gift for significant birthdays, as well as an interesting Christmas gift that will keep the recipient enthralled throughout the festive period – after all, what’s more interesting than yourself?! Let me know if you check out the service for yourself and please leave me a comment below if you too will be creating a personalised book of your own this Christmas.

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4 thoughts on “The best personalised Christmas gift ever!

  1. Great Xmas Gift, thanks for telling us all about this book. One for my list of presents to buy!

  2. Thanks Ayla, it’s a really good gift, I’ll definitely be getting it for more family and friends now that I’ve seen the real thing! X

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