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I know it’s pretty much the end of January already but I wanted to share the delicious smoothie recipes that I’ve been enjoying this month. These recipes have kick-started my healthier living plan and I will definitely be continuing to blitz up smoothies throughout the year – they are really filling and packed full of delicious fresh ingredients – so they are ideal for a healthy lifestyle. Today I’m sharing a couple of my favourites and I’ve linked to many more below, so please check them out for more smoothie inspiration too.healthy smoothie recipes-2So I’m starting off with my absolute favourite smoothie of all time – a Cherry Good Banana Smoothie. I got this delicious recipe card from Cherry good and I’m sharing it below, along with a recipe for a Triple-Berry Cherry Good Smoothie.Download the recipe PDF by following this link – Cherry Good Recipe Card – and keep it stored in your iBooks app ready for the next time you want to make a smoothie. My favourite recipe is as simple as pouring Cherry Good juice over a banana and blitzing up with milk and ice cubes. It makes the coolest, thickest smoothie ever and it is delicious!cherry good recipe card

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before but I am really not a fan of fruit. Actually, that’s not strictly true, because if it is stewed with lots of sugar and put in a pie or crumble, I am very happy to eat it indeed. But fresh fruit? No thanks. For me the only way to get a healthy intake of fruit (without all the sugar!) is to whizz it up into a smoothie and then I will happily drink it and really enjoy it. Odd, huh? I don’t know why that is, maybe it’s the fact that it looks more like a milkshake afterwards? Anyway, it works for me, and anything to make my diet a little more healthy is fine with me.healthy smoothie recipes-4 I’ve found loads of recipes for juice mocktails (very useful during my #Dryathlon this month!) and smoothies on the Cherry Good website and I love searching online to get inspiration for different types of smoothie. Of course, browsing for recipes online whilst mixing up wet ingredients is not a good combination so I’ve got an attachment for my iPad – a spill-resistant bluetooth keyboard from Logitech – which means that I can search for recipe ingredients no matter how wet or mucky my hands get!healthy smoothie recipes

I’ve been trying out this new Keys-To-Go keyboard device this week and I am impressed with it. It’s simple to connect to your tablet by Bluetooth and it is a completely sealed unit so it is ideal for the task that I want it for – searching for recipes while I’m cooking in the kitchen. I actually thought it would be a jelly-esque keyboard that was floppy or rolls up, but this is a real, hard-backed keyboard with good key spacing yet all the keys are sealed, making it water (and batter!) resistant. This means that you don’t need to have it on a hard-surface to use it, you can even type with it on your lap. I’m pretty impressed with it, although it is a little bigger than my iPad mini so it doesn’t fit in the same bag that I carry my tablet in, but that’s the only bad thing I’ve got to say about it!healthy banana smoothie recipes_ healthy smoothie recipes-11I’ve come up with my own smoothie recipe that is extra filling, thanks to a helping of overnight oats. I soak some porridge oats in about 100ml of skimmed milk overnight to soften and then add a banana, a handful of frozen mixed berries and about 100ml of Chery Good juice. Blend it to whatever smoothness you like, but I like to just combine the ingredients rather than puree it, in order to create a textured smoothie that is really tasty as well as being much more filling than a normal smoothie thanks to the oats.healthy smoothie recipes-12 healthy smoothie recipes-13healthy smoothie recipes-14Let me know if you too are a fan of smoothies and share your favourite recipes ideas by leaving me a comment below. And be sure to get in touch if you try out any of these recipes yourself, I’d love to hear how you get on!


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Your use of any information or materials on this website is entirely at your own risk – so please stay safe!


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