My 4 tips for making the best ever coconut flour banana bread

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I love banana bread. It’s my favourite way to use up slightly-too-soft bananas. So much so, that I sometimes deliberately let bananas go off just so that I have an excuse to make banana bread. It’s sweet without being too unhealthy, and I love to throw in some sultanas and cinnamon to give it a festive feel in the autumn.

Coconut flour banana bread is really easy to bake (luckily for me – I’m not the best baker!) as it only requires basic ingredients of coconut flour, eggs, bananas and honey to give the bread sweetness. Here are my tips for making the best coconut flour banana bread and some extra ingredients that you might want to consider adding…

Banana Bread Bites


Coconut flour is gluten-free, making it the most suitable for this kind of bread. Use this best coconut flour banana bread recipe to get a delicious taste – and for a gorgeous smell while your bread is baking. Coconut flour is suitable since it is rich in fibre and essential fats. Its ability to absorb means you won’t need to use a lot of flour when baking, and your banana bread will be wonderfully moist.


When making this type of bread, you want the end result to be a sweet bread. The bananas will help determine how sweet the finished bake will be so I recommend that you use riper bananas to make the bread taste sweeter. Bananas contain natural sugars and get sweeter as they ripen, so if they’ve got black spots on the peel, they’re ready to mash!


More eggs are required for this recipe as compared to other breads and cakes. Eggs are rich in proteins making your banana bread extra healthy and the eggs help give your bread to rise. Because coconut flour is so absorbent, your bake can easily crack but eggs act as a shield and maintain moisture within the bread, giving you a better-looking result when your turn out your banana loaf.


The recipe I shared above calls for peanut butter (or seed butter) bit I would use almond butter instead as I’m not keep on peanuts in general. Almonds are very rich in healthy fats that are good for you, but don’t go overboard, otherwise your bread will taste excessively nutty! You can substitute almonds with sunflower seeds if you don’t eat nuts at all, but they can discolor your bread due to the chemical reaction while baking. It’ll still taste good though!

Let me know what ingredients you like to add to your banana loaf in the comments below – I’d love to try some new recipes and get ideas for jazzing up a classic banana bread πŸ™‚

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