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Whenever I get that spring cleaning feeling, it always turns into a bigger job than I imagined. What starts out as a wipe-down-the-skirting-boards and dust-the-curtain-rail kind spring clean, always seems to turn into a complete room makeover. And this year is no exception. That urge to decorate has arrived and I’m starting this weekend! As you read this, I’ll probably already be up a ladder, painting the ceiling. The fact that we already had the right paint in the shed meant that there were no excuses. We had all the tools at our disposal to start a makeover project and this time, it’s the bedroom that’s getting a new lease of life.

Having already decided to paint the walls the same shade of cream that we’d used in the hallway, it was easy to imagine what the end result would be. But it’s not just the walls that that needed to be changed – it was the flooring, furniture and window treatments too. So, in the absence of any before-and-after photos yet, today’s blog post is about choosing new flooring for the bedroom and to give you an idea of the kind of look we’re trying to achieve. In fact, you can take a look at this Pinterest board to find out the inspiration behind this spring makeover.

So, as you can probably tell from the images above, we’re trying to get a ‘country’ bedroom finish. Not too ornate or French, just cosy and a bit floral. Pretty similar to my little vintage caravan, but the cosy indoors version. Layering up quilts, using lots of cushions and draping snuggly rugs over the floor – that kind of look. But just what type of flooring will we use? THAT is the question.

We asked Carpetright to send some samples so that we could get an idea of what the flooring would look like in the bedroom. We picked out some carpets for cosiness and also – perhaps surprisingly, for a bedroom – some laminate flooring samples. In my last home I found it really easy to keep the house dust free when I had laminate floors throughout the flat, and there was no carpet for the cat’s fur to cling to and cause vacuuming issues. At the moment, it’s rather a pain to get the cat fluff out of the carpets; my girls are long-haired cats, who like to groom – a lot!

Although it may seem rather clinical to have laminate flooring in the bedroom, I think it’s actually a super-practical option. But I don’t only like it in terms of ease of cleaning, I also really like how it looks. If I had my way, I’d live in a house with real wood floorboards throughout but, as I’m working with a rather cold concrete floor, laminate flooring would be a great option to get a similar look. When browsing the Carpetright website, we spotted a gorgeous whitewashed version that would get the same effect as the floors that we’d been Pinning on the bedroom inspiration board. And we could always throw a rug on the floor if it feels too cold…choosing samples to decorate bedroomI guess the whole decision will ultimately be based on cost – we’ve got to keep these home makeovers thrifty, haven’t we?! – and whether the overall look will be right with the walls, woodwork and fabric choices. I think we’ll probably start with the walls and work our way down. I think flooring should be the last thing to be fitted – well, there’s no point dripping paint onto a new carpet if you can have it fitted after the paint has dried, is there? So when we make a decision, I’ll be sure to let you know. Keep in touch and let me know if you have any experiences of laminate flooring in your home or bedroom by leaving me a comment below or tweeting me @Cassiefairy.

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