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Sometimes decorating a home can seem like such a large project, and with a worryingly large budget required too! But there are so many ways you can add a personal touch and your style to a room without spending an arm and a leg. How you choose to design your home is purely down to personal taste, what works best for you and what you like most. So it need not cost a lot to put your own ‘stamp’ on a room, it just needs to reflect your personality and be filled with things you love, and not just ‘like’. Out of all of the rooms in the home, your bedroom is the one where you can really make it personal (because not many people actually see your bedroom!) so you can do pretty much anything you like with the décor, creating the perfect room for you to wind down and relax without having to worry about anything. Here are a few tips on how you can put your stamp on your bedroom without having to worry about cost:Dream a little dream bedroom makeover project - bedside lights from BHS-6

My DIY wallpaper using old books

When deciding on what you want to add to your bedroom to create a bold, thrifty and personal style, there are a few things you need to consider. You need to decide on what you need in your bedroom for practicality as well as comfort, for example, if you’re somebody who loves to read, you may want a small shelf dedicated fully to your classic book collection. Or if you’re more of a fashionista an old dress makers’ mannequin would look beautiful positioned in the corner of the room and would be a great place to drape your scarves or jewellery. Personal style is key in any bedroom design, as it is the one place you need to be able to feel comfortable, relaxed and content.winter interior design - cosy autumn bedroom styling idea inspiration festive-3

I created a cosy winter bedroom last year with lots of cushions

For adding extra character and personality to your bedroom, simple yet bold changes can really make a large impact. Headboards are a really good way of creating a bold statement without having to change much about your bedroom at all. You can find headboards in all kinds of colours, materials and sizes for really good prices too. Changing other elements of your bed – such as bedding design or cushion colours – is always a low cost-way of making a big impact, as it’s the main focus part in any bedroom.

Your bed needs to look inviting and cosy for you to be able to snuggle up and relax, and there are a few fun ways in which you can create this kind of atmosphere. Statement cushions nicely arranged on your bed will always make it look inviting – the only trouble is that it might be SO cosy that you’ll want to spend more time in bed! Go for colours that suit your personality, and even beautiful patterns can work really well. Even if a headboard isn’t for you, cushions can make just as much of an impact and really make your room look stylish and chic.interior design - cosy autumn winter bedroom styling idea inspiration festiveOne of the best parts of any bedroom is the dressing table. If you don’t have one, you can find some gorgeous oak dressing tables that come in a whole range of colours and sizes. If you already have a dressing table but you feel it looks a little tired, why not add some colour to it by giving it a quick lick of paint? This way you can revive your table and give it a new lease of life, without having to spend much money at all. Dressing tables are perfect for displaying all of your personal items such as jewellery boxes, ring stands, photographs and so on. With a statement mirror positioned in the centre of the table, it’s the perfect spot to do your makeup, or maybe even fill in today’s diary entry in peace.

Furniture Makeover Project Rust-Oleum paint retro conservatory chair_-24One of the great things about a dressing table is finding a stylish chair to go with it. I’m really into chairs (I owned over 25 chairs at one time, and didn’t even have a dining room!) so it’s really fun for me to go hunting for a secondhand chair at junk shops or at the car boot sale. You may already have a small chair that you haven’t had use for (and could makeover with some paint like my distressed chair DIY above) or you may find a beautiful antique chair in one of your local shops. You could even re-upholster the any chair you find with material to match your pretty bedding. Either way, incorporating an elegant chair to your room will really add character and enhance the thrifty look of the room.chair 4

One of my early DIYs – a vintage chair

Let me know what you think of these ideas for doing up your bedroom on a budget by leaving me a comment below and please tweet me your own DIY projects and ideas to @Cassiefairy – I’d love to hear your tips and see what you’ve been doing in your own homes.

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  1. Haha, my husband is the same Meme, they always end up on the floor – no matter how cosy the bed looks with cushions! x

  2. I need to get more cushions they just make a bed, shame my boyfriend doesn’t feel the same way about them and chucks them on the floor grr 🙁 Your home looks amazing.

    Meme xx

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