My Little Vintage Caravan – My storage article in Caravan Magazine

Wooo my little vintage caravan has made it into the June issue of Caravan Magazine. My little blue Sprite is becoming quite the celebrity in the touring world! I’m excited to share the article with you today and show off my little renovation project magazine cassiefairy alpine sprite camper trailer makeover renovation project-2So here it is: a double-page spread! In the article I discuss the progress of my caravan makeover and how difficult it had been to find storage that would fit. Aside from my very tiny desk (which had a pastel pink makeover and a patchwork interior) I couldn’t find any storage cupboards that would even fit through the door of the caravan. Even if I could have manoeuvred a chest of drawers in through the window, most items of furniture are too deep for the narrow space in the caravan. A standard piece of furniture would stick out too far into the centre of the caravan and cause a bottleneck into the space. I needed a space that I could use for crafting, cutting out patterns and sewing, so I didn’t want to fill up all the room with magazine cassiefairy alpine sprite camper trailer makeover renovation project-4That said, I did need storage. Somewhere to store my fabrics, ribbons, books, paperwork, buttons and bobbins – along with my Maneki Neko collection of course. So what was the solution? Why, children’s furniture, of course! It’s smaller and more narrow than conventional furniture so it fits in the limited space nicely. Plus, it’s flat-pack furniture so I could take it into the caravan in pieces and construct it in-situ. I wrote all about my new caravan storage solution on my blog so have a read, check out all the photos and let me know what you think of this magazine cassiefairy alpine sprite camper trailer makeover renovation project-5And if you get hold of a copy of Caravan Magazine this June, please let me know what you think of my first article too. It’s also online at so you can have a read of the full article there too. It’s very exciting for me, and I’d love to know what kind of a response it’s had so please get in touch by leaving me a comment below or by tweeting me @Cassiefairy. caravan magazine cassiefairy alpine sprite camper trailer makeover renovation project-6

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Cassie Fairy
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8 Responses

  1. Thanks so much Pam, I’m glad you like it! Well, the caravan was very damp when I got it, so I stripped out the interior – anything that was at all mouldy or crumbly had to go! There must have been a leak somewhere for it to have got so bad, so made sure that all the seams of the caravan were sealed with clear sealant to stop any leaks. The pop-top vent was cracked so this got sealed in too. So now I only have two opening windows, and I just keep these open when I’m working in the caravan to air it, otherwise it’s completely sealed at all times. Thankfully, nothing gets mouldy in there – I’ve been very lucky! x

  2. I just LOVE your caravan but I must ask- how do you prevent all your lovely things getting damp and mildewed in winter? I have a wooden playhouse for the grandkids and had to throw lots of stuff out last winter as they were badly mildewed.

  3. Aw cheers Jenna, I’ve had fun making my little caravan into an office and ‘spare room’ 😉

  4. This is amazing! As a keen organiser I too like to make sure everything has a place so I have loved keeping up with your caravan makeover for the past few years! So pretty and I love that you have done it on a budget 🙂

  5. Thanks so much Chris 🙂 I’ve been inspired to get the caravan back ‘on the road’ since reading about your camping holidays in your own Sprite so hopefully we’ll her travelling again soon!

  6. Thanks Anca! Well if you’ve got a working water system, that’s all you need! Plus, there’s no hurry – I’ve been doing my caravan bit-by-bit for three years now! My next step it getting it ‘holiday-worthy’ so that we can actually go away in it 🙂

  7. Hey how very special for you Cassie …way to go!
    Re-doing these vintage campers is well worth the efforts…. I do miss our little yellow Sprite – it was a fun project & a head turner at the camp jams.
    Enjoy your summer in your caravan …
    Cheers from ON Canada!

  8. Congratulations! I’m seriously considering doing a little bit of DIY in the caravan, especially after I saw what you did. My husband is saying we don’t have time and I tend to agree, so maybe next year I’ll do more. So far we’ve replaced the things that needed to be replaced, like the whole water system. I would love to make some bunting and maybe to paint it, but the caravan is in storage and that makes things a little bit more complicated.

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