Guest Post – 6 basic tips for designing your bathroom

Is it your first time designing a full-on renovation for your bathroom? It’s easy to get bewildered by the many design combinations that you can choose for your bathroom. Here are some professional design pointers that can serve as guidelines to help make your bathroom renovation project less overwhelming (and help you stick to a budget too!).DIY fitting new taps to makeover a bathroom sink-2using recycled wood from a skip to make a beach hut bathroom floor and storage-11

  1. Get an estimate on how much you’re willing to invest for revamping

Coming up with the overall theme and arrangement for your bathroom may seem difficult due with so many options to choose from, but this is actually the easiest part. Planning the budget is far more time-consuming and complicated, as it will determine which design options you can actually afford! This is why you must be honest to yourself on how much money you want to invest for the renovation. Monetary groundwork will also help you easily adjust on purchasing certain parts for the bathroom, for example – if you make savings on a shower unit by buying at a discount online, you can add this surplus money to your budget for the bath.

  1. Keep vintage finishes if possible

Old or ancestral houses have floor tiles made of coats and slabs of concrete that are very difficult to extract. If you really want to remove these tiles then you need to spend more cash. However, if the tiles are not badly damaged and still look great then you might consider not taking them out. You could just use the money and effort in improving the other parts of the bathroom.

3. Bathroom floor should shift well with the floors outside the room

If the floors outside of your bathroom are hardwood; then you should ensure the connection between the two different floors is smooth. Many homeowners often forget this transition which can cause problems in the future. Certain conditions like the weight of the tiles and the durability of the household need to be considered. You need to get the help from an expert contractor since the changeover between different types of floors is very intricate.

4. Avoid making the toilet the first thing that can be seen when opening the bathroom

Many bathroom designers would agree that the toilet shouldn’t be the first object that you lay eyes when opening the bathroom. The reason is really simple and it’s because the toilet is not exactly the most visually appealing object to see. You can cover the toilet with cabinet walls if you have plenty of space. If you’re going for a full-on renovation and have plenty of cash then you might want to transfer the toilet to other areas of the bathroom where it will be far from the door.

5. Corner sinks for traffic problems

Sometimes there are many people in your household who are using the bathroom. Particular times of the day may have high traffic and make the room jam packed. One solution for this is to place a corner sink to allow easier movement and free-flowing space.

6. Not every material or fixture should be practical or economical

Keeping the budget in check is truly important in any type of renovation. However, if you want to make your bathroom look a bit more luxurious; you can just use a few premium supplies or materials like paintings, taps, finishes, etc. You’ll be surprised how much your renovation produces a very luxurious output with using only a few extravagant bath and taps from bella bathrooms-3 DIY fitting new taps to makeover a bathroom sink

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  1. Thanks for this. Loved the images and was motivated. The blog is very remarkable and effective. Thank you.

  2. Thanks so much for this post, I’m currently undergoing a bathroom renovation, even though I work with plumbing supplies it’s never easy when its your own.

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