4 Ways to add extra value to your property

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Whether you’re looking to sell your home, or simply want to make the most out of the space you have available, remodelling is a great way of adding value to the property and giving your home a unique touch. There are elements of your home that you can’t change, such as the location, but there are so many features that you can change which will really help when it comes to the selling process.

But you don’t have to be selling before investing in your home and that’s certainly not what I’m planning. We’ve been doing work our the house over the past few months and are hoping to increase the value of our home before we renegotiate the mortgage. A higher valuation will mean that our Loan To Value (LTV) is better, and will help us to get a lower interest rate going forward. Plus, we’ll have a house that we’ll enjoy living in for longer! Here are a few popular renovation ideas that are guaranteed to add some extra ££s to your home.

1.Create an extension

If you’re fortunate enough to have a property with a decent-sized garden you may find you have just enough room to extend your house and create more living space. Whist gardens are a great feature to have when selling your home, if you can get away with extending out and still have some garden space you’ll certainly be adding value to your property. If you’re working to a budget, a single-storey extension is great for opening up your kitchen area, adding a dining room or even introducing a conservatory or dayroom to your home.

Similarly, if you want to go all out you can look at a two-storey extension that will enable you to add extra bedrooms, an office or even an en-suite to one of your existing bedrooms. It’ll really depend on the type of planning permission you can get – some extension applications are more easily approved than others. Have a look at what extensions other similar houses in the area have done; this will give you a good idea of what plans will be more likely to be approved. Extensions are ideal for creating much-needed extra space, as well as giving your home additional character and a more personal touch.

2. Update your kitchen

It’s the one room that everyone expects to be impressive and, as one of the most used rooms in the home, the kitchen needs to work well for you and your family. From durability and practicality, to style and character, you want your kitchen to stand out. Giving your kitchen a lick of paint, some new handles and even updating your current appliances will instantly transform the current décor, which in turn will add value to your home. You could also look at updating bigger areas such as the worktops or flooring, as these play a big part in how the room looks and can even help older kitchen cupboards to feel fresh and new. 

3. Loft or basement conversions

For many homes, you often find that the loft and basement are neglected and are used for storing items that don’t have a proper place in your home. These rooms, however, offer so much potential extra space and by converting them you can introduce a whole new room to your home. By simply adding a loft ladder to your current loft, you can create an accessible space. Take the next step and transform it into a stylish office or even an additional bedroom for guests, but be sure to look into building regulations to make sure it’s converted correctly.

Similarly, your basement could be transformed into a playroom for your little ones, a home gym, a library for all of your books or even a games room with massive cinema screen – dare to dream! These are only a few of the many ways you could really make the most of the rooms you have available to you and add value to your property at the same time.

4. Open plan living

Open-plan is one of the biggest interior trends at the moment. Whilst trends come and go, open-plan interiors have been popular for a very long time so you can be sure that opening up a space will add value. There’s nothing more refreshing than stylish kitchen combined with a relaxed, informal dining space. Let’s face it, you’re more likely to use eat at table in the kitchen than to take your food into a separate dining room. By opening up these rooms, you can create a whole new atmosphere and make the room feel homely, welcoming and bright. You can also look at opening rooms like the living room, playroom, conservatory – I’ve even seen a bedroom with open plan en suite, so anything is possible!

I hope these ideas will help you to find new spaces to use in your own home. Let me know if you’ve got any other ideas for adding value to your property and share your own remodelling projects in the comments below – I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to in your home!

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  1. Oooh yes! Moving furniture, clearing clutter and adding new items can really make a big difference to a space 🙂 Good luck selling your house, it sounds lovely – wish I could buy it! x

  2. Our house is “on the market” here on Menorca. We went through a process of making the house more attractive to prospective buyers. Creating space by moving furniture. Getting rid of beloved personal clutter. New curtains from China…lightinthebox, cost next to nothing and I love them. My latest achievement tidying the garage! What a change. I love my house and I love what we have done to it….but we must move. Anyone want to buy a house on the beautiful island of Menorca?

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