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I’ve made a bit more progress on my home office makeover last week so I thought I’d share a few more snaps with you today. After wallpapering the room last month, I started to think about adding storage, a desk and shelving to the room – after all, I can’t keep all my office bits ‘n’ pieces in the room if I don’t have the space to store it.So far, all I have in the room is an old desk that was ‘free to a good home’ outside a local farm. I’m using the desk ‘as is’ at the moment but I do plan to paint it with some lovely white chalk paint to freshen it up a bit. Luckily, my sit/stand Varidesk fits on the desk perfectly so it’s makes the ideal base for this.

My Lloyd Loom chair makeover project is in this issue of Reloved!

I’ve always used a laptop for blogging in the past but when my previous computer died I decided to buy a Lenovo Yoga laptop to replace it, with the intention of using it on my new desk. As you can see from my photos, the laptop can fold around and be used as a monitor. This means I can have the screen on the higher level at the back of the Varidesk and a keyboard at arm-level, which makes my desk much more ergonomically sound.

My current set-up isn’t quite ideal yet – I need a monitor riser to lift the screen up to eye-level for the best results. That said, I’m SO happy with the Penclic keyboard and touchpad I’m using. It’s the same size and layout as my usual laptop base so it’s easy to switch between working on the laptop and desktop – my fingers don’t get in a muddle at all. Plus, scrolling through pages with the wheel on the NiceTouch pad makes working online even easier. In terms of shelving, I browsed a few websites to find office decor, and when I saw these triangle shelves from Red Candy I knew they would help me to create a chill-out area in my office. I have a few subscriptions on the go this year including Oh Comely, The Simple Things, Mensa and Reloved, but if the magazines aren’t right in front of me I rarely get round to finishing reading one copy before the next issue arrives!So I thought that attaching these little brass shelves to the wall would be a great way to remind myself to take a break from work occasionally and flick through a magazine. Each shelf actually holds around 6 magazines (depending on thickness, of course) so I’m using them to hold some back-issues of each title too.

They came with all the fixings I needed to attach them to the wall (even the wall plugs) so the most difficult part of the process was actually deciding where to hang them! I’m pleased with the little reading I’ve created with just three shelves, and I’ve since tucked in some paint charts and DIY guides so it’s a great source of inspiration too.

I also picked up a small Karlsson brass clock when I ordered these shelves, and I found a white lamp at the car boot sale this weekend so my ‘desk decor’ is coming along nicely. I think that a trip to Paperchase is in order wink. In terms of storage, I’ve got two chunky shelves that my husband made to display an art project at uni so I’m considering painting them pink so that they’re definitely ‘mine’ now!

I’ll be sure share more updates soon, and please do let me know if you come across any good websites for home office decor – I still need a pinboard, storage boxes and drawers so it would be great to get some more shopping ideas from you.

Some items in this blog post have been gifted to me and the pink links indicate a gifted product, affiliate link or information source. All thoughts and opinions in this post are based on my own experience and I am not responsible for your experience 🙂

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  1. Hi Teresa, this is a great idea for a future blog post, thanks for the inspiration! I bet there are many readers who work from their cars too 🙂

  2. I love your ideas! It looks so inviting. Unfortunately, I work a lot from the road. My car is my office. Do you have an idea how I could make it more personal? I would like to have something where I can store my documents and materials properly. Ah … how shall I describe it? It should look something like this: But just something more personal and handsome. Do you understand what I mean? Maybe it can become a topic for an article?
    Best regards!

  3. Thanks Bry! I was surprised at how many magazines they hold depth-wise! It’s a handy storage option on a wall that would otherwise be covered by a door and therefore I couldn’t have any cupboards etc there 😀

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