4 Ways to get the word out about your party

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When you’re planning a party, spreading the word without spending a fortune on pricey invitations is important. Whether it’s a birthday party for a child or a party for the grownups, you need to let friends, family and your acquaintances know well in advance so they can plan for it. But how do you do this in a thrifty way? Here are four methods you can use to spread the word cheaply so you have more money left in the budget to spend on the party itself.

Messaging on Social Media and Chat

For immediate friends and family, you’re probably already connected to them on Facebook or via email, and on apps like WhatsApp, Skype and others. Make a list of the people you wish to invite and make a note of the best way to contact them. Organise the list by platform (Facebook, Skype, etc.) so you can jump on that website or chat app and quickly run through the list of people you can contact that way. Be sure to send a personalised invitation and not a general message that looks copied and pasted.

Sending Cards in the Mail

For a kids’ party, it’s nice to have some cards that you can mail out to all their friends. Using snail-mail might seem a big old fashioned, but kids still get a kick out of receiving their own mail! You can either custom-make some cards yourself or buy a low-cost multi pack at the supermarket. There will be plenty of party themed cards with balloons and stars that will be colourful and fun for the kids to receive. Handing out the invitations in person at the school gate is another good way to distribute the invitations without the cost of postage.

Get Fancy with an Online Newsletter

Instead of going low-key with your invitations, create an online newsletter that uses an interesting font, some eye-catching images and a few carefully chosen words to entice your friends to RSVP. It’s not that difficult to learn how to create a newsletter because it’s all laid out for you using online templates. There’s no need to be a designer (or very creative at all) because the process is all point and click. Once the invitation is ready, add your friends’ email addresses to the newsletter list and hit send. 

Reaching Out to Old Friends

There might be some people who you’d like to come to the party, but they’re not easy to contact. Perhaps they’re not on social media or you haven’t kept in touch with them much over the last few months or years. If you’ve lost their contact details but do have contact with a mutual friend, there’s an opportunity to use the party as a way to reconnect. Why not make contact with them through your friend? Invite your friend and include a second invitation for your mutual friend to see if they’d be willing to come along. You never know, they might surprise you and show up.

It’s not every day that you throw a party so, once you’ve got the word out about your big event, be sure to enjoy it too. A host who never stops to greet their guests and have fun at their own party loses out so make time to chat with your pals, enjoy the food and hit that dance floor! Let me know if you can think of any other low-cost ways to send invitations by sharing your ideas in the comments section below 🙂

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