5 Quick kerb appeal ideas for your home

Here are some ideas to improve the kerb appeal of your home in order to increase your enjoyment of your new house, or to maximise the value when it comes to selling your property...

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Your home is probably the most expensive single item you will ever purchase. However, with house prices climbing a rapidly, moving might not be an option – unless you’re thinking of downsizing. Updating the outside of your home can help you to improve its ‘street appeal’ and make a great first impression on buyers, helping you to get the sales figure you want (and need!) Here are 5 ideas to improve the exterior of your home…

1. Cladding

If your house is looking tired then you might be considering painting it again, or you can invest a little money into cladding your home and do away with ongoing maintenance. Many a characterless 60s bungalow has been transformed with traditional wooden cladding, creating the look of a rustic barn and adding ££££s to the selling price. But wood cladding is just one way in which you can transform the look of your home. There are hundreds of other coverings that can be used to improve the exterior, provide better insulation and even reduce your energy bills. It’s easy to learn more about the different options for upgrading the facade of the house and choose a finish that’s right for you.

2. Paint

As mentioned before, you can give your house a coat of paint. Painted masonry can look tired over time so a tin a masonry paint will give it a quick (and relatively low-cost) refresh.  You can also improve curb appeal simply by painting your front door and your garage door.

Choose a bright colour that welcomes people to your home. You can even add a few nice planters around the door to create a point of interest. If your windows are double-glazed units these cannot be painted, but traditional wooden frames can be spruced up with a fresh coat of white paint.

3. Potted plants

Plants are a great way of adding colour to the garden and focusing people’s eye. However, the more plants you have the more maintenance you will need to do to keep the flower beds looking neat. Fortunately you can minimise this upkeep by using potted plants.

They can be arranged along your driveway or front path, or you can add window boxes or hanging baskets, to create a bright welcoming feel. They are easier to look after in terms of weeding and just need watering every now and then to keep them looking great.

4. Clean up

Many people underestimate the power of cleaning your home exterior. It can be surprising how much dirt and debris gets trapped on your exterior walls, doors, windows and even across the roof of your home. A pressure washer is your best friend as this will make this job much easier.

With a little effort you can have your home sparkling like new. Not only will you improve your kerb appeal, you’ll boost the amount of light inside your home by cleaning the windows, helping to make the space feel larger and boost your spirits in the process.

Cleaning the doors and windows made a big difference to my home

5. Tidy the garden

It’s important to remember that your garden, especially your front driveway, is one of the first things anyone sees. If it is full of rubbish or not well maintained it suggests the house has the same problem.

You need to deal with this by clearing the weeds, making sure all the pathways are clean and clear and, most importantly, you should use trash services to remove any rubbish which has been left lying round. This means household waste AND half-finished projects. Even moving the wheelie bins out of sight to the side or back of the house will make a big difference to the way your home is viewed from the kerb.

No matter which quick makeover project you choose, all you really need to do is step onto the street and imagine you’re seeing the house for the first time. You’ll instantly know what needs doing to boost its kerb appeal and tackle it one step at a time. What other suggestions do you have for improving the first impression of your home? Leave me a comment and let me know what makeover projects you’ve already done to your house to boost its kerb appeal?


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  1. Thanks for asking Carolee, I checked a few times when I was writing and it’s ‘kerb’ in all the UK dictionaries, curb is the US spelling 🙂

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