Charity fundraising ideas – How to plan an event to remember

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If you’re planning a fundraising event this year, here are some handy ideas that’ll help you plan an event that you, your guests and your chosen charity will remember…If you’re reading this article then you’re in one of two camps. You’ve either been trusted with the organisation of a fund raising event or you’re hoping to create your own event totally from scratch and raise money for your chosen charity. I think its safe to say that whichever camp you’re in, what you’re doing is very selfless and pretty amazing! So here you’ll find some ideas that’ll help you and your event raise awareness and change lives… 


If you’re holding the event in a particularly large venue then you have a lot of room to play with. Here are a few ways you can utilise the space.

  • Filling your venue with lots of different games and stalls is a great way to keep your visitors busy and donating money to your cause. From games like “guess the number of sweets in the jar” to “guess the name of the teddy”, these are easy and simple ways to keep the contributions coming in. A ring toss, a game of skittles with small prizes and even a coconut shy – keeping it simple and fun is key!
  • Food brings everyone together, and this is the perfect opportunity to get your guests donating money and enjoying themselves while they do it! Hiring something like The HogMaster is an ideal option. A hog roast not only looks great but is a feast for all the senses. There will be a hiring cost, but if your event is a success, there will be more than enough money to cover the expense.
  • Staying with food, why not create a taco bar, or a DIY ice cream bar? These would be relatively low cost, and you could charge per person. Or why not have a stall filled with delicious baked goods at low prices? You could get friends and supporters to donate their own bakes and fill the cake table with tasty treats.

Thanks to the popularity of shows such as Man vs Food, eating contests are more popular than ever and are always a sure fire way to bring in the crowds. Contestants are challenged to eat as much as they can and pay a fee to compete. Or the audience can back who they want to win with donations. This could be the main event of your fundraiser or could be a spectacle for everyone to enjoy during a larger event. The choice is yours – but don’t forget to ask a sponsor, such as a bakery or butchers, to provide the food for the contest.


Running/walking any distance is a gruelling but incredibly rewarding way to raise awareness and money for your charity. But why not do it with a difference? If you’re raising money for endangered animals, try running in a costume. Raising awareness of domestic violence? Get you and your male friends to walk a mile in high heels. What to tell the world about the state of our oceans? Have a go at rowing the distance from one location in the Pacific Ocean to another on a rowing machine.

  • A sponsored hair cut
  • A sponsored chest/leg wax
  • A sponsored beach clean

Good luck with your fundraising efforts and please let me know your tips for a successful charity event in the comments below.

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