Interiors inspiration – Do you need a rug in your kitchen?

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When decorating or designing a kitchen, one of the most common points of discussion stems from using kitchen rugs. Some people swear by them, making that morning walk to the kettle in the cold winter a little bit easier. Other people worry that they are nothing more than a fire hazard, and make it hard to cook without worrying about splashing onto the rug. So, with that in mind, do you really need a kitchen rug?

Not necessarily, but it’s safe to say that they make a telling difference to the overall aesthetic of the room. A kitchen rug, adds a certain homely – and comfortable – living experience. A woven rug can add rustic charm, while a patterned indoor/outdoor rug looks modern and can be wiped clean. You’ll need to make sure that the rug is never in the position where it could be a risk to safety. Plus, it’s a good idea to ensure that it’s stuck-down well to avoid slipping.


  • They offer extra comfort. Most kitchens tend to have colder, less cosy kinds of flooring. From stone and marble to vinyl, it’s often a flooring style that can be quite hard to walk on in the morning. With a kitchen rug, you get to add a bit of extra comfort to those morning walks.
  • It adds personality. Again, kitchens should be places of creativity and excitement, where you whip up an adventurous new recipe. With that in mind, you should look to use your kitchen as a place with a more creative outlook in general, and kitchen rugs can help to add a touch of extra character and personality to the room.
  • Kitchen rugs offer subtle contrast. Another key reason to consider using a kitchen rug is the fact that it’s a very easy design change to make. Simply roll out your rug to add a different colour or pattern and it won’t over-power the room in the way that wallpaper can. 
  • They create zones. If you have an open plan kitchen you can use a rug to define different areas for different uses. For example, if you have an area to sit on a sofa and enjoy a cup of tea, placing a rug under the coffee table will make it feel cosier. Add a rug beneath a dining table to ‘frame’ it and create another ‘room’ within the open plan space.
  • Rugs make the kitchen your own when you’re renting. One of the hardest rooms in the house to add your stamp to when you’re renting is the kitchen, because there’s not much you can do to make a change. You can’t exactly install new cabinets or re-tile the splashbacks! With a kitchen rug you can add some artistic flair without going too far.

With these reasons in mind, you should find it a bit easier to start making decor decisions based on your kitchen’ overall aesthetic. Just remember to keep it out of the line of fire (literally) and to make sure that you use non-stick solutions to keep it in place to stop anyone from tripping or falling! Let me know if you already have a rug in your kitchen and what you think of it in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Interiors inspiration – Do you need a rug in your kitchen?

  1. I had this debate a few months ago whether I should get a kitchen rug or not. I ultimately decided to do it, and I have loved it! I did get quite the scare when my 6 year old dropped her grape juice all over the rug 🙁 Luckily I found a good rug cleaner and it came out. I definitely recommend having a kitchen rug – for both style and comfort!

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