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Making improvements to your home is never going to be cheap, and amid all the home renovation programmes and YouTube DIYs you can often feel pressured to keep up with the Joneses when it comes to sprucing up your home. However, home improvement doesn’t have to be as expensive as it’s made out to be, and today’s blog post offers a few different methods of creating some easy improvements on the cheap, without going overboard with the power tools…


Looking to add a little more space to your home without having to go to the bother of getting the builders in for a large-scale extension? Loft ladder installation from Instaloft is a cost effective way to transform a loft space from a rickety storage area to somewhere actually usable. And once you’ve got your loft ladder installed, why not convert your loft into a hobby room or add a fitted storage system? Although there may be some initial expense, the value added to your home is well worth the initial cost of this small-scale renovation.


If you’re tired of looking at the same drab furniture day-in, day-out and can’t afford a whole new set, then why not paint them? Painting your old furniture is a great way of revitalising and modernising a room to fit contemporary tastes and trends. Why not paint your table and chairs white to add a nice summer vibe, or even varnish an old chest of drawers if you’re looking for a more rustic approach to your restoration project?


Many people underestimate the power of simply changing a door handle and they’re often the last thing we do during a full-scale renovation. A change of door or cupboard handles is an extremely cost-effective and simple method of modernising your home. If your doors need a lick of paint, you can easily do that at the same time. Door handles can be purchased from most DIY stores and are easily installed without hassle.


Everyone loves a jet wash or a power hose – whatever you want to call it – it always offers amazing results. Whether you’re looking to clean the front façade of your home, tidy up the path or scrub some block paving in your garden, a jet wash will get rid of any dirt, grime, or traffic pollution that has built up over the years, providing a gleaming new look for your property. This simple procedure is a great way of adding value to your home and making it look well maintained. But please, make sure you’re not using it inside your home – jet washing is NOT an easily solution to cleaning indoors haha!

Whether these small changes are undertaken on the back of some larger projects like an extension or a conservatory, or if you simply want to quickly freshen up your existing decor, whatever you choose to do to your home, the long-term financial and aesthetic effects will be great for creating a beautiful place to live. Let me know your thrifty home renovation tips in the comments below 🙂

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