4 Ways you can support your parents during their retirement

As your parent ages, they may need additional support. Seniors With your assistance, they can be safe, healthy and comfortable. If you want to look after your mum or dad after they retire, focus on the following areas...

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As your parent ages, they may need additional support. Seniors often rely on their children to be their advocate and protect them during the later years. When you treat them with dignity and respect, it will make this stage of life much easier. With your assistance, they can be safe, healthy and comfortable. If you want to look after your mum or dad after they retire, focus on the following areas…


Regardless of their age, your parents will probably still need transport. They might have appointments, exercise classes or social outings to attend. If they are still driving, check their car to make sure it is well maintained and always filled with fuel. To ensure their finances are secure, make sure their auto insurance policy offers the right coverage. Check if they are protected in an accident regardless of who is at fault, as well as fire, theft and weather damage. For seniors who drive infrequently, consider whether a plan based on mileage would be more suitable than a flat monthly rate.

If your parents no longer feel comfortable driving, help them to plan a route using public transport. Or you could teach them how to use Uber or simply add some numbers of local taxi firms into their mobile phone.


It is important to be active at any age, and you should encourage your parents to maintain their health. Ask your mum or dad whether they would be comfortable attending a senior fitness group. Joining a club can be a fun way to exercise, and they will likely enjoy the social connection. Popular options include yoga, walking, synchronized swimming and lawn bowls. Ensure they have access to their doctor and any specialists. If they are having difficulty with medical jargon, you may like to accompany them when they attend these appointments.


Financial planning is so important to consider in retirement. It can be a case of juggling money and adjusting to new ways of spending – whether that’s because they have more money in the kitty from a pension or less disposable income that they’d previously enjoyed. You can help your parents make a budget to ensure that their pension will cover all their outgoings and help them research options for their future income. After a change in pension laws in 2015, Pension Freedoms now mean that your parents may have the option to draw money out of their pension fund or they can move it to a different provider. This could help them to make the most of their money and savings, so this is certainly worth looking into and will be a great help to your parents in their retirement.


Your parent might be attached to their home, but there may be a time when they need to downsize. If this is the case, you can help them find a new residence, before packing up and cleaning the old house. Remember, this can be an emotional time, so patience and understanding will be required. For those who are remaining in the family home, additional assistance may be necessary. For example, you could book a cleaning service once a week, have healthy meals delivered and pay a gardener to mow the lawn.


If your parent lives on their own, you may be worried about what they will do in an emergency. Medical alerts systems can be installed next to their bed, or worn on their body as a pendant or wristband. In the event that an incident does occur such as a fall, fire or health emergency, they will be able to call an ambulance with the touch of a button. A medical alert will give you peace of mind that your aging loved one can get the help they need with minimal effort.

Older parents can be independent for longer when you utilize in-home services and it’s important that they will be able to get help even if they are home alone.What other tips do you have for supporting aging parents during their later years? Please let me know in the comments below.


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