3 Ways to DIY a Scandinavian style star wreath for Christmas

If you want to add some festive touches to your walls but don’t want to go all-out with tinsel and garlands, today’s DIY star wreathes could be the solution. They’re a minimalistic, Scandi-style and look great in both contemporary or rustic homes so here’s how to recreate this simple Nordic look for yourself…

Hen parties

11 Low-cost (+ cheeky!) games to get your hen party started

A hen party weekend isn’t complete without some hilarious games for the girls. Some of the bride’s pals will already be friendly other with from school or uni, while others may be connected to the bride through family, work or activities and may not know anyone else. So party games are essential in breaking the ice and getting everyone involved in the group. Today’s post includes a round-up of the most popular games for a hen weekend with large groups of girls. Let’s begin..!


What is intuition & how can you listen to it? Plus a Review of The Intuition Journal

Whether you’re new to journaling or have been doing it for a while, this newly published book is for you. It’s both a self-help guide that’ll inspire you to connect to your higher inner wisdom AND a usable journal where you can make notes and complete daily journal entries. The aim of the book is to help you feel more decisive, creative, fulfilled and work toward achieving your goals and dreams.

Sewing projects

5 Thrifty ways to reuse and recycle your old clothes at home

If you’ve recently moved house or have moved in with your partner you may now have way too many clothes for your existing wardrobe space. Rather than buying more storage, why not take this as an opportunity to declutter? But before you throw those old shirts and skirts out, there’s plenty of projects that they can be used for. Old clothing is the perfect material for DIYing a lot of other items, and anything that saves you money and keeps material out of landfill is a bonus!


5 Low-cost recipes & methods to take care of your skin on a budget

If you’ve ever been to those beauty counters in department stores or have shopped online for skin care products you will know how expensive they can be. Even brands that are seen as ‘cheaper alternatives’ are still expensive. So, in today’s post, I’m taking a look at some budget skincare options that you can use to look after your skin. I wrote how the winter weather can affect your skin last month so this time I’ve come up with some low-cost solutions and recipes to DIY your skincare…


Planning the right furniture layout for my living room (it’s taken years!)

Have you ever had a room where you just don’t know how to lay out the furniture? One with an unusual L-shape, or alcoves, or windows on two or more walls? In most rooms you can just ‘feel’ where the furniture should go and, in many modern homes, you can see exactly where the bed should go, because there are two plug sockets either side where your bedside lamps would plug in! But what if your room isn’t quote so ease to configure? Here’s what I learnt when tackling my own 1950s home…


Three tips for taking care of wooden furniture & accessories

If you’ve had a hard time maintaining that “like new” condition of your wood furniture and accessories, the good news is that with these simple tips, you’ll be able to prolong the lifespan of your wooden treasures, and pass them on to future generations…


How to create motivational quote images to share on social media

If you’ve ever wondered how bloggers and Instagrammers create those beautiful quote images to post on their social accounts you’ve come to the right place. Today I’m sharing a step-by-step guide to DIY your own digital images with motivational mental health quotes ready to share on your story, grid, feed or board – here’s how…

Money Saving Tips

Pros & cons of leasing a family car when you’re on a budget

Without the worry of maintenance and reliability, car leasing can be a handy way to stick to a budget while still driving the latest vehicles. But what if you have a family? Is leasing a good option if you have kids? Here are some of the pros and cons:

Home buying

4 Thrifty ways to pull off moving house (without spending a small fortune)

Moving to a new house can be an expensive and stressful time. If you have just bought a property, you will be tied up in actually paying for it, not to mention stamp duty and all the other fees you might have to pay. Even if you are renting, you’ll have parted with your deposit and money might be tight. It is time to save some money and the best place to do so is in the move itself. Here are some thrifty ways to move house…


Why you only need 3 items of footwear this autumn/winter

Is your shoe rack overflowing at the front door? Do you have more than one pair stuffed into each aperture of the shoe cubby in your wardrobe? Have you got extra boots in boxes under your bed? Don’t worry – you CAN minimise your footwear collection if you stick to the essentials and here are the only three shoe styles you’ll need to see you through the coming season…


3 Ways to cut the ongoing costs of your kitchen appliances

When planning a kitchen makeover, it’s surprisingly easy to make aesthetic decisions that might actually be less cost-effective in the long run. So, if you’re researching a renovation project and need to make decisions about your appliances, here are three things to consider to help you save money going forward…

Anniversary parties

How to personalise your wedding day (for sci-fi, music, TV and vintage fans)

Your wedding day is extra-important for one special reason – it’s YOUR wedding day. And shouldn’t your ceremony and reception reflect your personality as a couple? If you want to express yourself, be surrounded by your favourite things and feel super-comfortable on your big day, it’s time to personalise your event. Here’s how…


How to make cute and fluffy emoji pom-poms

Think you know how to make a pompom? Today’s crafty blog post will take your skills up a notch with this step-by-step guide to make cute, fluffy, blushing, heart-eyed emojis. PLUS I’ve got three copies of newly published craft book ‘Pom Pom Pom’ by Henry Le to giveaway to three lucky winners so read on to the enter the giveaway today..!


How to upcycle a pallet & charity shop trunk into a storage coffee table

Another day, another DIY! This time, it’s a classy coffee table that doubles up as handy storage. And would it even be a Cassie Fairy DIY if it didn’t include pallets?? The rustic-yet-cool chevron effect top is all refinished pallet wood – making this a money-saving project too. Read on to find out how to DIY a coffee table for yourself this autumn…

Personal development

Reading week tips: 6 Ways you can help your teen to settle into university life

If your teen has gone away to uni this year, what can you do to help them prepare for their life at University? Sure they might already be settling in, but they’ll be home for their first mid-semester ‘reading week’ soon and with many first year students having second thoughts about their choice of university or course, this is an important time to support them and help them stay in uni. Here’s some advice I could have used when I was studying…

Money Saving Tips

Easy maintenance tasks to help save money on car bills – even unexpected ones

Simple maintenance tasks that to ensure that your car keeps running smoothly. Not only will these fortnightly, monthly and yearly checks help to keep your vehicle in good condition, they’ll also allow you to solve any problems as soon as they arise – and before they become bigger, more costly issues. Here are some vehicle maintenance tips that might help you cut the cost of car ownership:


3 Scandi-style Christmas decor projects to DIY with second-hand finds

Do you enjoy making things? Do you love to save money? Do you want unique decorations that no-one else has? Then it’s time to make your own! I’m getting a head start on my Christmas preparations this month and have made three scandi-style decor projects that you can easily replicate at home. Or you could use these ideas as a starting point for your own designs – it might be the inspiration you need to get you started on crafting your own festive decor…

Love to shop!

When you get the urge to shop do these 5 things instead…

I sometimes just get the urge to shop. Even as a wannabe-minimalist and thrifty gal (whose job relies on it!) it is sometimes just too hard to resist the lure of the high street. If you’re trying to stash the cash (like me) but sometimes just get the urge to shop (also like me) here are 5 things you can do instead to satisfy that urge to shop while still saving money…


6 Hacks for sleeping well (even when you’ve got little ones!)

How did you sleep last night? Do you feel rested? Are you enjoying your day today? Getting a good night’s sleep is so important for your mood, productivity and health, but it’s not just an issue to consider alone; it is a family issue. Here are 6 sleep hacks to help you sleep well as a family…

Money Saving Tips

5 Monthly financial commitments I don’t have (+3 I would never give up!)

Did you know that in 2017-18 the outgoings of households in the UK was greater than their income for the first time in nearly 30 years? I was reading a report by the Office of National Statistics and it got me thinking about those financial commitments many people have that we could perhaps lower (or scrap altogether) in order to make up that shortfall and live within our means.


Step-by-step upcycling project video – How to paint glass cabinet doors

I’ve given my old teak display cabinet a bit of a makeover. Previously, all the messy items I was storing inside the unit were there for all to see – and you know how much I dislike clutter. So, what was the solution? Why, to paint the cabinet doors, of course! But the doors are made entirely of glass, so it’s not as easy as using a tin of paint and a roller (although I’ve never tried that – does it work?) so I’ve put together a little DIY video so guide you through the process…

Days Out

4 Unexpected reasons why travelling by train = a low-cost day out

On my recent short break I went on a couple of train journeys. Not only was it very enjoyable to sit back and take in the scenery rather than having to drive and navigate, it also turned out to be somewhat of a money-saving venture too. Here’s why travelling by train can save you money in some rather unexpected ways…

Anniversary parties

3 Money-saving decor DIYs you can do RIGHT NOW to prepare for your 2020 wedding

If you’re getting married next year – congratulations! I’m sure you already have the ceremony arranged and the venue booked, and maybe you’ve even picked out a wedding dress. But have you started on your decorations yet? If not, here are three decor pieces that you certainly don’t need to buy because, you can make them yourself…


100 days to Christmas! How to prepare for the festive season (+ stay stress-free)

Ooh the Christmas countdown has really snuck up on me this year and now it’s just 100 day until Christmas! So? That’s ageeees away, right? Well, in the world of thrifty living and financial planning, it’s actually a great time to start thinking about Christmas and I’ve written a little something to get your festive preparations off to a flying start and help you stay stress-free this xmas…

Cassiefairy's News

Life lately – My (international!) interiors articles & DIY projects

It’s been a busy couple of months and I’ve been lucky enough to write a couple of interiors feature for issue 42 and issue 43 of Reclaim magazine. Plus, I’ve also written some blog post elsewhere around the internet so here are the links if you want to check them out..!

Money Saving Tips

How to cut the cost of buying kids clothing – yes, it CAN be done!

If you’ve got kids, you’ll probably agree that kids’ clothing essentials soon add up and can take a big chunk out of your budget. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a more frugal way of shopping for your youngsters. I’ve chatted with some of the mums I know and have found out how they manage to save money on clothing every day, even though they’ve got babies, toddlers and children to look after. Here’s a handful of hacks to help you cut costs on clothing with a family in tow…

Money Saving Tips

How to start planning for your retirement… right now!

Have you ever wondered what you can do to improve your retirement income? It may feel far away for some of us and for others it might be fast approaching. Either way, you’ll want to feel secure in your retirement and make sure you have enough money to live on, so how can you add more to your retirement fund right now..?

Kitsch Kitchen

4 Simple steps to a greener and more environmentally-friendly kitchen

While more and more people every day are looking for new methods to go green at home, many start with their own kitchens. You may be surprised to learn that each kitchen is adding to the nation’s environmental damage every day and even the smallest of changes can make a significant difference. To give you a few ideas, here are four simple tips that can make your kitchen a greener and more environmentally friendly place…


Guest post: Best tips for bargain fashionistas from a professional

If you’re like me and refuse to pay designer prices but you want to wear the latest trends AND save money, it can be tough to build a wardrobe you love. However, today’s guest blogger explains that there’s no shortage of ways to achieve this on a budget…


3 Ways to merge your summer living room decor style into autumn

Ahh it’s September. No sooner had the 1st of the month hit than my Pinterest and Instagram feeds became awash with autumnal colours and pumpkins. It’s like the whole online world was just waiting for summer to be over so that they could begin the wind-down into the cosy season. Here’s how to merge your decor from summer to autumn with the addition of just a few low cost accessories that’ll get your home ready for the changing season…


Step-by-step video to revamp a PVC door with a pop of summery colour

Old and stained double-glazed doors can make your entire home look tired, and no amount of cleaning can get them back to their box-fresh whiteness. PVC doors can be costly to replace so why not spruce them up with a coat of paint? Not possible? Here’s how I revamped my ugly kitchen door with a vibrant pop of colour to keep summery vibes in my home for longer..!


Why timeless furniture choices can save you money time & again

Timeless decor items will be different for every person, but once you find them it can give a sense of comfort and permanence to your house. Plus, I’m a firm believer in ‘buy well, buy once’ so it’s a good idea not to follow interiors trends with your bigger investment pieces, such as the sofa, storage, tables etc. You can, of course change up your style over the years using soft furnishings and paint colours, but having those classic pieces as the basis for your future designs will save you money throughout your lifetime. Here’s how to figure out your style before you invest…


Step-by-step video to restore & reupholster vintage kitchen chairs

Last week I mentioned that I’m currently working on renovating my kitchen and that I’d already revamped a few retro kitchen chairs. I’ve since been asked how I restored these junk-shop finds to their former glory so I thought I’d put together a little video to show you how to upholster a kitchen chair and renovate the wooden frame…

Love to shop!

How to customise your summer t-shirts to wear all year round

So you’re coming to the end of the summer and it’s time to put those tees away for another year. Just a sec… why don’t you give your t-shirts a new lease of life by upcycling them for autumn? Here are four easy ways to revamp your summer wardrobe for the new season…

Money Saving Tips

How to save money for your life goals & back-up fund (the easy way)

If saving money was made easier, you would be much more likely to do it. So I’ve come up with some of the easiest possible ways to ensure that you save rather than spend and, if you follow these tips, your savings’ account should soon be full and you won’t have to worry about having money for those essentials that come up from time to time.


5 Tips for selling your home easily (despite the messy kids!)

So your family is expanding (congratulations!) and you need to upsize from your current home. Moving house is an exciting time, but it can also be a complicated and stressful process. Adding this on top of your already-busy family life can create frustration for parents so I want to help make the process as easy as possible with these handy house-selling tips…


How to find unique interior decor pieces from the Etsy Design Awards

Have you heard about the Etsy Design Awards? If not, I would urge you to check it out today. The list of finalists has been announced and the winners will be chosen in September. It’s a great way to discover new sellers, and here’s what I found when I browsed the shortlisted businesses in the ‘Inventive Decor’ category…


Step-by-step guide to turn an old hostess trolley into a colourful bar cart

I don’t know why hostess trolleys ever went out of fashion. They’re so handy for gathering everything you need together, and wheeling it right where you need it to be. So, when I spotted this old wooden trolley in a skip, I was keen to rescue it. Here’s how to upcycle a retro trolley into a vintage style bar cart for bank holiday parties…


How to help children decorate their room with personality & colour

It’s back-to-school time again and, as such, my thoughts have turned to kids’ rooms and how to design the space so that it suits them and their studying needs. Research suggests that children and their development are affected positively when they are surrounded by soft and safe environments, which is why investing in making their room comfortable and homely is one of the most important things a parent can do…


Add warmth to your interior with these thrifty wood decor ideas

It’s easy to add warmth & autumnal vibes to your home & today’s blog post is all about using more wood in your decor. Just imagine the rustic, cosy look you can achieve with just a few low-cost items – here are 4 ideas to help you get the look for less…


My thrifty 50s kitchen renovation: What’s next on the to-do list…

To be honest with you, the kitchen was one of the most disgusting rooms in our fixer-upper home. So it was kind-of the room we tackled first. It got a coat of fresh white paint (to cover up the oil-and-nicotine stained walls eww) on the day we got the keys. We’ve since painted the existing cabinets. which has freshened up the units. But there’s still plenty more to do…

Hen parties

How to be the ultimate Maid of Honour at your best friend’s wedding

OMG your bestie has just asked you to be maid of honour at her wedding, yay! What a great honour! But with this honour comes great responsibility, too. Because being the M.O.H is so much more than being the female version of a best man. You’ll be chief opinion-giver for dresses, flowers and decor, you’ll become an event planner, and you’ll be your pal’s life coach and emotional support throughout the whole process. Actually, Maid of Honour is one of the most integral roles at a wedding so here’s just some of the important M.O.H duties that you might need to take on in the run-up to your best friend’s big day and how to smash it…


How to DIY a sensory play ‘outdoor kitchen’ from pallet wood

When I found a few brick pallets in a building site skip (and asked if it would be okay to re-use them!) my mind starting whirring at the possible projects they could be used for. The result is this kids’ mud kitchen and I thought I’d share the step-by-step project with you today…


Frugal fashion: Costume jewellery vs sterling silver jewellery

I’ve always believed that there’s a difference between being frugal and being cheap. So, when it comes to jewellery, is it better to buy cheap jewellery that costs less to replace or should you invest in high-quality jewellery? As a frugal fashionista, your choice ultimately comes down to pricing so here are the considerations for and against buying ‘real’ vs ‘costume’ jewellery…

Money Saving Tips

15 Sides hustles to do when your side hustle becomes your job

So you’ve already got a successful side hustle. SO successful in fact, that it’s now your main hustle. You’ve given up your 9-to-5 job and are working on your business full time. Congratulations! But having an extra income stream on the side is always a good idea, so you might want to consider starting some of these on-the-side-of-your-side-hustle-slash-main-hustle projects as a back-up plan and bonus income…


My 4 tips for making the best ever coconut flour banana bread

I love banana bread. It’s my favourite way to use up slightly-too-soft bananas. So much so, that I sometimes deliberately let bananas go off just so that I have an excuse to make banana bread. It’s sweet without being too unhealthy, and I love to throw in some sultanas and cinnamon to give it a festive feel in the autumn. Here are my tips to making the best coconut flour banana bread:

Cassiefairy's News

Be kind and go caravaning at the beach: My news this summer

It’s been a really exciting couple of months at Cassiefairy HQ and I’ve been lucky enough to be featured in a few new publications woo! It’s been a while since I updated you with my latest news (in fact, I haven’t shared anything since May!) so I thought I’d gather together some of the projects I’ve been working on recently for you to check out today…


Guest Post: These 9 Healthy foods will help to keep your hair strong

Your hair is not only your crowning glory it is also an outward indicator of your internal health. Just like skin, the state of your hair not only depends on how you care for it externally, but on how you nourish it from the inside. That’s why today’s guest post is all about the healthy foods you can eat to enhance your hair without spending a fortune on treatments…

Money Saving Tips

Money advice: What on earth is cryptocurrency and how do I use it?

Do you know what cryprocurrency is? Are you completely baffled by it, like me? If so, today’s blog post is for you because I’m sharing my research into cryptocurrency so that we can all get to know more about this new way of earning and spending money online…

Days Out

The mental health benefits of teaching yoga to kids and teens

Joint inflammation, bodily aches and weight gain are just a few of the conditions that yoga is scientifically-proven to improve. Sure, these concerns might be more likely to be felt by adults, but that doesn’t mean that teenagers can’t benefit from the health-boosting impact of yoga too. Here’s why your youngsters might like to give yoga a go…


Bathroom design trends 2019 – Is it worth the investment?

Although the kitchen is seen as the heart of the home, the bathroom is one of the most used rooms and in my opinion one of the most important. Even though your bathroom is a functional room, it doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish. In this post, I’m looking at the best bathroom design trends of 2019 to see if the changes you could make to your home would be worth it from an investment point of view…


Guest Post: 5 Natural alternatives to expensive skin care products

Everyday stress and pollution can cause a lot of damage to your skin. There are skincare products you can use to help you combat these negative effects, but they can also be very expensive, so here are five natural alternatives—some of which you may find in your very own kitchen:

Art & Photography

Not just a music festival: Art & creative workshops at Latitude

A painting in the woods. An installation in the field. A performance in the marquee. A class in the clearing. You’d be surprised at just how many creative happenings occur at Latitude festival. Sure, with literature, poetry, theatre, film and dance, Latitude isn’t just a music festival but did you realise quite how arty it is?? Here are just a few of the creative goings-on that I stumbled upon at this year’s festival…

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