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The next big interior design trends for 2017

The New Year is a great time to think about freshening up our homes with new indoor furniture, updated colour schemes and a few of the hottest accessories in line with the latest trends. It’s also the time of year that trend forecasters pull out their crystal balls and announce the home décor trends coming up in the year ahead.
I’ve had a look at all the predictions and here are my picks of the top eight interior themes we can expect to see in 2017.

A photo posted by coshliving (@coshliving) on

Super Natural
As technology becomes more and more integral to our daily lives and developments such as artificial intelligence and 3D printing look set to cause greater disruption, people are looking to nature and natural materials to provide balance. A strong desire to bring nature into our homes and workplaces will see interiors filled with greenery, from hanging pots, to hydroponic indoor gardens planted with vegetables and herbs. Sustainable and recycled materials will also feature strongly, with worn or aged furnishings and accessories. Sofas and designer furniture will be made from sustainable materials;  designers are even beginning to experiment with algae and fungi to develop new products. Key colour for this trend is Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2017 ‘Greenery’, a bright and powerful green hue.pantone-greenery-colour-pop-interior-design-trend-2017Nordic Influence
Scandinavian style continues to exert a strong influence on interiors with abundant natural light, a sense of space and simple well-designed furniture using natural materials. Natural textures and materials – such as wooden furniture, fur and shearling throws, hides and cork – ensure this look never appears cold or sterile. Bold fabrics and handcrafted accessories are also key elements. Key colours to recreate this look in your own home include white and soft gray with primary coloured accents.sideboard-sandinavian-danish-colour-pop-chair-mid-century-modernRaw and Industrial
The raw, industrial aesthetic is also still a strong influence, with concrete, clay, steel and glass forming the main materials. Again, this suits the trend for upcycled homewares as older items with rust spots, faded colours and patina fit in perfectly. If you’re lucky, you could give your home an industrial look for only a few pounds if you’re able to find disused shop/factory fittings, wooden pallets and rusted metalwork. The key colours for this look are gray, beige, off-white, yellow, white, walnut brown and glints of gold and copper.industrial-interior-design-trend-2017Reflective
For enthusiasts of contemporary furniture and décor, this design theme could be for you. The atmosphere here is soft and friendly, without being overly romantic and sweet. Modern materials and indoor furniture will feature cool mirrored, transparent effects. Look out for iridescent lamps, overlapping coloured glass shapes, shiny glazes, copper finishes, faceted shapes and reflective surfaces. These modern effects are contrasted with the tactility of handmade knitting and crochet to create a very livable theme. Choose muted key colours such as nude, blue, lavender, yellow, rose, turquoise, yellow-green, pastel yellow, peach, mint, lilac and pink.pop-of-colour-yellow-interior-design-trend-2017Pops of Strategic Colour

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Norman Foster’s Willis Building in Ipswich – 1970s architecture & interiors

Today’s blog post is rather photo-heavy, but I wanted to share some snaps I took while touring Norman Foster’s famous Willis Building. My husband and I went into Ipswich as part of the Heritage Open Weekend and visited half-a-dozen or so historical buildings that are not usually open to the public. Among them was the derelict art deco style Broomhill lido (currently campaigning to be renovated and reopened) and Freston Tower overlooking the Orwell river.willis-building-norman-foster 20150529-willis-building-40y-anniv-02448Only when I got home did I realise that I hadn’t taken any photos outside the building, so here’s a photo of the Willis Building from the Huffington Post and a stunning long-exposure image by photographer Claudia Gannon of the building lit in red lights to celebrate the Ruby anniversary of the building.

Up on the roof and inside the lobby

The most exciting place for me was the Willis Building. I studied architecture and spatial design in college and the utopian movement was my specialism. I’d been bursting to see inside the iconic Willis Building ever since but, as it’s a fully functioning office building, there was no way to get inside. So when I heard that it was opening its shiny glass doors for two days over the Heritage Open Weekend, I charged up my camera and headed along.

The ‘Green Mile’ corridor and first floor office

Having studied the building in the past, I kind of knew what to expect, but I wasn’t prepared for the scale of the building. Blimey, it’s big inside! With space for 1,300 workers I guess it has to be. And it’s exceptionally colourful too. Visitors are greeted with grass green floors and sunshine yellow walls – replicating a sunny day in utopia. Or the colours of Ipswich’s rival football club. I like to think that Norman Foster was creating an indoor/outdoor office design rather than just goading the locals!

Escalators to the top floor and (just for scale) here’s me popping out half way along the ‘Green Mile’

The colours are including in the building’s Grade I listing so cannot be changed, but why would you want to? The fun colours put a big smile on my face as soon as I walked in. Oddly enough, it’s not overpowering to have such a brightly coloured interior. The usual office furniture, dark vertical blinds and shimmering metal ceilings calm things down somewhat. Would I replicate the interior décor at home? Probably not. But it has certainly reignited my love of all things yellow and I will include more bright accent colours next time I decorate.

On top of the Willis Building and the view of Ipswich town centre

The most exciting part of the tour for me was stepping out onto the roof garden. I’d heard all kinds of rumours about the roof garden (including a kind of half-truth that there was a swimming pool up there for employees to use) when I studied the building as a teen but it still didn’t prepare me for the vastness of the roof garden. There’s space for hundreds of office workers to enjoy a picnic lunch up there. It’s enclosed by a neat hedge (more green) and outside the hedge there’s a track which runs around the exterior of the oddly-shaped curved building. By the way, the glass building was designed in such a curvy shape in order to maximise the use of the whole plot of land available for the build.

The manicured roof garden and the track that runs around the building beyond the hedge

I guessed that the track was used for cleaning the windows (perhaps hanging a platform over the edge?) but I couldn’t be sure. We decided to walk around the perimeter and take some photos of the Ipswich skyline while we were there. In fact, if this wasn’t a rail-track it would make a perfectly good running track for jogging workers at break time, though I can’t be sure that Norman Foster had that utopian ideal in his mind when he designed it.norman-foster-utopian-black-glass-willis-building-ipswich-suffolk-yellow-and-green-interior-office-70s-1970s-9norman-foster-utopian-black-glass-willis-building-ipswich-suffolk-yellow-and-green-interior-office-70s-1970s-3 norman-foster-utopian-black-glass-willis-building-ipswich-suffolk-yellow-and-green-interior-office-70s-1970s-15

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Interior design trend – Colourful kitchens & bathrooms

I’ve spotted a new trend in interior design for Summer 2016 and it’s one that really pleases me; bright bold colour. We all have a favourite colour – a shade that we seem to choose time and again – for our clothing, our décor and even our cars. It can therefore be frustrating when you have a colour preference for your home but find it impossible to find your favourite hue in the materials you want from DIY stores. Rather than creating just another cookie-cutter interior I want something different. Something that makes me smile when I enter a room, and something that even impresses guests when they visit my house. I therefore started to research colourful kitchen and bathroom options and here’s what I found:bright Colours bathroom shower splashbackNo longer do our ‘functional’ rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom have to be limited to a palette of white tiles, wooden cabinets and stone surfaces. While this ‘holiday home’ look certain IS popular, it doesn’t really do much to demonstrate your own personality or fit in with the character of the property. Shouldn’t a home someway reflect the individuality of the people who live there? Well, I think that’s where colour comes in.British-Standard-Colour-Chart bathroom green bath splashbackThankfully, we’re no longer limited to the colours of tiles we can find at the DIY store. For a seamless colour scheme it is now possible to have glass splashbacks colour-matched to the paint you used on the walls or woodwork. Colour matching Farrow and Ball, Laura Ashley, Dulux, Ral and many more paint brands helps you to achieve an extremely luxurious look in your bathroom or kitchen. It can be used anywhere that you want to waterproof – the shower cubicle, around the bath, kitchen splashbacks, window sills, behind the hob, kitchen worktops, behind the bathroom sink and all around the downstairs loo, if you really want to!RAL-Colour-Chart-red kitchen splashback

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1 neutral room + colour = a whole new look

Does your living room look exactly the same from one year to the next? Or could you tell what year a photo was taken just by sussing out the décor in the background? Some of us like to make changes to our décor every year; we like to mix things up, introduce new colours or add this year’s must-have accessories. While some of us (myself included) like to keep things the same; once we’ve settled on a colour, a pattern or a style, we stick with it. We can sometimes go for years without changing our décor at all and only get round to painting a room when all the walls are worn and scuffed. Does that sound like you? Or are you one of the interior trend-setters with a changeable home packed full of new-season designs and pops of colour? If you fancy changing up your surrounding every once in a while but don’t want to spend a fortune in doing so, I’ve come up with some ideas for regularly introducing new designs into your existing décor that won’t cost the earth. And it all starts with a fairly uninspiring neutral base. Positano_roomYes, in order to achieve the hottest interior design look of the year I want you to paint the walls white, cream or even (dare I say it?) magnolia. I recommend a neutral sofa in a subtle grey or pale biscuit shade. I want to see bare wood floors and basic furniture. Sure you can go for design classics like a chesterfield-style sofa or a g-plan coffee table – just make sure the colours are in the same neutral tone as everything else in the room. Everything looking pretty plain now? Good – lets get started.Grosvenor_room_1

Even fresh flowers can add a splash of colour to a neutral room

Now you can start to inject some colour. And I mean, really go for it! Pick a favourite primary shade, bright jewel tone or pastel hue and keep an eye out for accessories, soft furnishings, lamps and even books in that colour. Once you’ve collected a range of colourful accessories together you’re ready to start your neutral room ‘makeover’. Simply throw those cushions on your classic sofa, hang coordinating curtains, change the light shade and add a bunch of flowers. Step back and see just how different your rooms looks already. Newport_room

Use a tester pot of bright paint to update an old chair

If you want to go one stage further, you can paint a feature wall in the colour you’ve chosen. I’d recommend choosing a small wall, an alcove, a dividing wall, or mask off an area – or even just paint the door. The smaller the area, the easier it will be to paint over it when you want to make a change to your colour scheme next year! Why not keep an eye on Pantone’s Colour Of The Year and use this as the starting point for a very on-trend design each year? Painting a small area of bright colour onto the walls is a great way to update the whole room and make a big impact without spending more than just a few pounds on a small pot of paint. montana_room

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DIY interiors project – colourful cupboards

Want to inject a bit of colour into your room but don’t want to commit to a complete wall-to-wall makeover? Can I suggest painting the inside of your cupboards instead? It’s interior design on a very ‘interior’ scale – the inner walls of your storage to be exact! It allows you to add splashes of fun colours without changing your entire room scheme and adds a sense of surprise to other rather dull storage solutions.

You can have a perfectly calm and serene neutral palette on all four walls, but when you open up those cupboard doors BAM! You’re hit with a fresh burst of zesty colour. It’s guaranteed to brighten up even the dullest morning (and wake you up!) if you open your workday wardrobe and sunshine yellow or bright sky blue is waiting for you. I’ve spotted examples of bright turquoise paint being used inside kitchen units on A Beautiful Mess blog and architect George Clarke used different citrus colours inside his children’s cupboards on Amazing Spaces.

Colours can define uses – each child having their own colour storage and taking responsibility for it, for example – and cupboard doors can be opened (or removed altogether!) to bring colour into the room and change the ambience of a space. Bright colours surely equal party time, do they not?! As you only need a small tin of paint for decorating cupboard spaces it’s a purse-friendly interior design project (keep an eye out for reduced tins in crazy shades!) and you can be adventurous with your colour choices. It’s definitely a design feature that I want to do lots of in my new home and I tried out the technique inside an old bedroom storage cupboard with a pop of pink…

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Interior design trends for 2016

Happy Sunday everyone! I’m taking a rare day off to visit the Ideal Home Show at Olympia this weekend so I asked one of my most reliable sources of design inspiration – Baytree Interiors – to help me out with a guest post. I know you all enjoy reading interesting and informative interior design articles on the blog so I couldn’t possibly take a day off without setting up something special to keep you inspired.Dulux colour of the year

Dulux Colour of the Year

The advances of technological innovations, coupled with creativity, create modern interior design trends that are rarely permanent. A trend that was new and inspirational a couple of years ago may not necessarily be on trend now, so it is more important than ever to create a space that is both comfortable and functional with a touch of originality.

Classic interior trends have longevity because they embrace the basic form and function needed in a home, whereas some modern interior design trends tend to fade away as they reflect a current mood in society. There are certain interior design trends that can stand the test of time, but also provide an inspirational cue for the rest of the house. Here interior design specialists Baytree Interiors talk us through some of the design trends set to be big in 2016. Continue reading “Interior design trends for 2016” »


Tuesday Shoesday – A Day at the Races

This Tuesday Shoesday I’m gearing up for Ladies Day at Cheltenham Racecourse by sharing some of my favourite footwear choices for special occasions. I’ve searched long and hard to find some absolutely gorgeous colourful shoes for Spring/Summer 2015 and today I wanted to share these fabulous fashion finds with you.

ladies day at the races - hot pink fashion lookHot pink from Ax Paris: zip clutch £6contrast dress £20 in the sale – Cross-strap wedges

There were a couple of criteria that I wanted my new footwear to fulfil – it had to be suitable for wearing on grass (so no stilettos!) and the shoes must be colourful. The theme of Ladies Day is #ColourMeMarch so wearing the brightest colours is essential. I have a couple of favourite colours so I’ve been keeping an eye out for any clothing and footwear that would coordinate well to create a fresh look for a day at the races. Continue reading “Tuesday Shoesday – A Day at the Races” »


Interior design inspiration – Fifty shades of grey

Okay, I’m not talking actually about the book but I am putting together a blog post full of inspiration for your home decorating. With the film adaptation of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ being released this Valentine’s Day I thought it was about time that I wrote a little something about one of my favourite colours in the world of interior design.   midcentury modern grey home interior design

Walsh St House by Robin Boyd

A perfect neutral colour – that is neither plain and dull like magnolia, nor harsh and stark like white, or oppressively dark like black – grey is one of my ‘most pinned’ colours on my Pinterest boards. Just take a look around this blog and you’ll notice that I’ve changed my background to a grey stitch pattern, I’ve redesigned my social icons, I’ve subtly included more grey in photographs and have started using grey text alongside my signature pink accent colour. Yes, I am a fan of grey and I can’t imagine that changing any time soon. Continue reading “Interior design inspiration – Fifty shades of grey” »


Tuesday Shoesday – Pantone’s colour of the year 2015

Each year I get excited about the announcement of Pantone’s Colour of the Year. I know how much these selected shades influence the world of design and I find it really interesting to keep to see how it infiltrates into every area of life. Not just a guide for fashion looks, the Colour of the Year informs interior design, packaging, graphic design, home furnishings, beauty, web design, fabrics and even food, so you can imagine how important this announcement is every year for anyone working in a creative to wear pantone colour of the year marsala spring summer autumn winter fashion trend

The colour that Pantone announced for 2015 is ‘Marsala’, a dusky burgundy shade. Based on the tones of fortified wine, this warm earthy shade is perfect for creating a feeling of luxury and is the ideal ‘in-between’ seasonal shade – not overpoweringly bright nor oppressively dark. It looks great with fresh pastel colours and floral motifs so it is ideal to combine with the tones and textures of Spring. Which brings us nicely on to fashion choices that follow this trend for Tuesday Shoesday.

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Loud living room decor

I love a bit of colour in my life, so for today’s post, I thought I would show you all some Pinterest worthy living rooms that introduce some colour into the area without being too out there. Combining neutral tones like browns and greys with some liveliness really can take an area to the next level. Here are a few of my favourite finds:

grey living room with yellow

via Renters Pages

This one isn’t so much loud in colour, but more loud in design, if that makes sense. This one combines a pretty neutral colour palette, with some pretty interesting design elements. A few bright and cheerful yellow throw pillows alongside black and white damask and cow print? Sign me up!

living room decor

via Flickr

The neutral colour palette with bright accents is pretty much the easiest way to bring a bit of colour into your living space, and is turning out to be the main theme of this post! Here we have an old-fashion looking Chesterfield (I think!), with some gorgeous 60s-inspired throw pillows. The clash of colours really works out well for the look!

bright modern living room

via Decoist

Even with the pillows and bright red chair, the colour palette in this living room remains quite muted. But the thing that makes the area really pop with originality is the large print on the wall. The pillows on the sofa take their cue from the colours within the painting, while still allowing the artwork to be the main attraction in this living room.

yellow living room colours

via Digs Digs

This one is admittedly the loudest of the lot – but those yellow curtains are to die for! Something bright and cheerful like those beauties would be the perfect fit for any sort of room. If you wanted to do a monochromatic look with greys, whites and blacks, this would be the perfect pop of colour, or if you wanted to, you could do something like the image above with bright accessories thrown into the mix

What do you think? Are you into the bright look or would you rather something more muted?


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