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Although I love a good ol’ traditional pie, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with customising it a little! Really, the exciting part of the pie is the filling, so why not give the crust a chance to shine with a little pastry decoration makeover? It can be on a savoury or sweet pie top, and can even spell out what’s inside!

Check out this amazing tutorial from The Pink Whisk to get your started on your pie-lid masterpiece.

  • Roll out a little bit of pastry at a time and cut out the letters or shapes that you need.  Keep the pastry fairly well floured so it doesn’t stick to the worktop.
  • Dip the cutters into a little pile of flour to dust before using them which again helps to stop the pastry sticking.
  • Because they’re small the pastry generally doesn’t drop out of the cutter straight away so poke the pastry with bristle end of a paintbrush.  Using the hairy end means you don’t get poke marks in the pastry.
  • Cheapy cutters also don’t have the holes cut out of the centres of letters.  I poke the wrong end of the paintbrush through them and it does the job.
  • For bigger shapes use cookie cutters.  Roll out a bit of pastry that’s big enough for your shape.  Pop it on a piece of greaseproof paper and drop it into the freezer for 10 minutes.  That makes it firm enough to cut out neatly.
  • Pick up each piece of your decoration with the blade of a knife and place it onto the top of the pie in the spot that you want it.  You don’t need any water or anything else to stick them down they do a pretty good job of staying put.
  • Cover with egg wash (you can even buy egg-wash in a spray can for baking now!) and bake until golden brown.

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