Is there anything better than unexpected mail?

I think I can actually say that it’s one of the things I enjoy most in life. I’m obviously not talking about the bills or admin bits n bobs that we all get every day, but proper, genuine, actual mail – isn’t that awesome? When a handwritten envelope drops through the letter box I get a little bit excited, especially if I’m not expecting anything; it’s not Christmas, it’s not my birthday and I’ve not asked for any RSVPs. Don’t get me wrong, cards and letters for special occasions are just as cool and exciting but the out-of-the blue postal treats are the crème de la crème of mail. Here’s just one of the cards that my bestie Jenna (who writes over at Glitter Daze blog) sent me during the year. No reason. Just a card to make me happy. And a little present inside too. What a diamond friend she is!

Is there anything better than getting cards or a letter in the post

Over the past year I’ve had notes from old school friends and catch up letters from pals who live far and wide. I don’t know if my friends realise what their letter means to me, what a fantastic day I have after a surprise arrival, how much it makes me love them even more, but nonetheless they send me post just to say they are thinking of me and it makes me so SO happy. I really need to do more random posting myself actually because why wouldn’t I want to inject a little cheer into my pals’ lives as they have done for me?

The only downside is that nowadays it’s quite an expense to get a card to someone – the postal costs are crazy – and what if I want to include a little treat in my letter? It’s going to at least double the cost. I therefore like to make sure that I’m making the most of the post and tend to send bigger parcels rather than little notes, but it all comes from the same sentiment – just to let you know that I’m thinking of you and miss you.

So have you had any unexpected mail arrive recently? Tell me all about it..!


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14 thoughts on “Is there anything better than unexpected mail?

  1. How lovely! I’m glad you’re keeping in touch over long distances via snail mail 🙂

  2. I send my friend in New York snail mail all the time and she always tells me how much she appreciates the surprise!!!

  3. Very topical,I got some lovely unexpected post today 😉 it’s certainly brightened up my day and it’s lovely to get thoughtful little notes and gifts from friends!xXx

  4. Ahh we both should resolved to send more letters! It really brightens my day when I get happy post from my pals, I’m a lucky girl to have such lovely friends & i must return the favour more often! X

  5. I love receiving anything in the post, even if it’s expected! It’s always so much better when it’s unexpected though. I have often sent friends random gift packages when they’ve been going through a rough time, just to help them cheer up. I know they’d do the same for me too.

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