Tuesday Shoesday ~ The ones that got away

Today’s Tuesday Shoesday blog post is dedicated to the shoes we’d love to own. The ones that got away. Whether it’s a pair of shoes you saw in the sale but didn’t buy, to your first teenage pair of heels that have got lost over the years. Did you secretly want to wear a big pair of Spice Girls platform boots under your wedding dress but actually wore a flattish pair of sparkly sandals for comfort instead? Do you lust after every new pair of heels that Louboutin sends down the catwalk each season? Did you lose your most comfortable pair of trainers at a festival? Or is it just that you always wanted a pair of glittery jelly shoes (that I wrote about last month) as a child but never got them? Whatever the reason, we’ve all got a pair of shoes haunting the back of our minds that we just needed but never quite managed to own.

Ok, I admit it, the Spice Girls platforms was my secret shoe regret. Just before my wedding 11 years ago, I saw a pair of Geri’s actual glittery union jack platform ankle boots in a shop – yes, in real life – and they were mine for the owning. I really really liked the idea of wearing them secretly underneath my wedding dress. Although, come to think of it, everyone would have wondered why I was suddenly 6 inches taller than the day before, and it would have meant having my wedding dress made to the length of the shoes rather than my actual height, which the dress had already been ordered for. There were many reasons why I couldn’t wear those shoe on the big day, not least because of the extortionate price of them, but I still think back to that shop, see the sparkly boots in my mind’s eye and wonder ‘if only…’.

Do you have a pair of shoes niggling you like this? What would you go back and buy if you had the chance? I’m sure I’m not the only one who has shoe-related regrets in life, or at least, I hope I’m not alone! I’ve spent years thinking about those shoes and early last year I finally invested in a pair of sequinned union jack shoes (see my post about them here). They’re not the same as the original 90s boots, but it’s certainly close enough for me and has brought a little closure to my shoe closet. Have I worn them lots? Almost never! But it’s the dream that counts and just looking at them makes me happy!

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Let me know if you have a pair of shoes that got away and tell me your stories in the comments section below or tweet me @Cassiefairy.


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