Tuesday Shoesday ~ My ultimate charity shop find

Just look at these gorgeous shoes. I bought them easier this month from a charity shop and I’ve hardly stopped wearing them since! Yes, I picked up these little beauties from a charity shop on my birthday, can you believe it?! I think it was just meant to be that these sparkly shoes were sitting on the shelf on the day that I visited the shop in a town that I rarely go to AND they were in my size. Was it luck? Fate? Or just being in the right place at the right time? Whatever it was, you’ve never seen someone SO determined to buy a pair of shoes as I was that day.bronze liberty shoes roland cartierYou know that feeling when you are just drawn to something without knowing why? I wasn’t looking for bronze shoes, nor was in searching for flat pumps – in fact, I don’t think I even own any flat shoes anymore! But nonetheless, these shoes reeled me in from across the shop and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw they were my size. I also realised that they were almost new – they still had the labels inside them from Liberty. Having recently watched the Liberty of London TV show and having received the Liberty Simple Sewing book for my birthday I couldn’t have been more delighted! They must have been worn a little because the soles were slightly scuffed (although nothing compared with how they look after the first time I wore them, so they couldn’t have been worn much) but when I slipped my foot into the shoe, it was a real Cinderella moment and I knew that they were the birthday shoes for me.bronze liberty shoes roland cartier-2I headed to the till and made my £10 purchase and happily skipped home with the brightest metallic shoes you’ve ever seen. On closer inspection after removing the charity shop’s price stickers, I discovered that the shoes had an original selling price of £55 – although I’ve no idea when that was – and the pumps were Roland Cartier shoes! Yes, I’m super-jammy,  I know. I’ve looked online to try to research Liberty collaborations with designers but can’t find this one so please get in touch if you’ve seen these shoes anywhere before because I’d love to know the origins of the collection and approximately what age they are.bronze liberty shoes roland cartier-3Whether they are vintage or brand new, I love the shoes and the bronze leather is so soft that I was able to wear them for a three hour dance class without a twinge so I think they are quickly becoming my ultimate dancing shoes. I have started planning outfits around the shoes so that I can wear them more often and I am so pleased that I have them in my wardrobe for winter – they seem to go with anything Christmassy, thanks to their sparkly metallic-ness!bronze liberty shoes roland cartier-4Let me know if you’ve ever found a surprise bargain in a charity shop – I’d love to hear about your favourite finds and vintage bargains so leave me a comment below 🙂


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