A beach bathroom makeover on a budget

With more sunny days than not in recent weeks, my thoughts have turned to summer holidays. While I’m not actually planning to jet off anywhere luxurious for a beach holiday, I DO want to inject a little holiday fun into my life. But how can I do it when I’m having a staycation, I hear you ask? Well, I’ll tell you. I’m giving my tiny bathroom a mini-makeover and in a few short hours it’ll be a bathroom fit for a holiday. Here’s how I did it without so much as a lick of paint..!

The bathroom was starting to look a little tired and definitely needed a freshening up for summer. Hubby and I have barely spent any time not working over the past couple of months and have basically only had time to do the normal things you’d do in a bathroom but haven’t been tidying up as we go. So the shower cubicle and window sills were overflowing with products and while our towels were starting to look more-than-a-little tatty.

I therefore wanted to spruce up the bathroom before we take a well-earned break. If I going away on holiday I always feel the need to clean the whole house before we go – I guess it’s so that we come back to a tidy home (that doesn’t need any more work doing!) when we get back. This time, we’re taking a break but staying at home, and that’s even more of a reason to get the bathroom in order before our time off. Who wants to start a holiday with a long list of tidying and cleaning to do?

Also, because we’re not really planning to travel anywhere this year, I wanted to kind-of bring the holiday to us. Which is precisely why I decided to ‘theme’ the bathroom for a beach holiday. The sandy coloured walls and pebble-effect lino floor seemed to be crying out for some more coastal accessories to spruce it up and tie the whole look together. So I set off to the shops to get a few bits and pieces, all the while keeping my tiny budget in mind.thrifty low cost summer coastal bathroom makeover diy project_before and after budget diyI picked up a few different sizes of fluffy towels in a deep sea-blue shade, and I couldn’t resist throwing in a brightly coloured beach towel to tie them all together. To avoid drilling into tiles, I got a couple of suction hooks so that I had a few more places to hang my towels – it’s rather handy to have one beside the shower, making it easier to reach for it when I’ve got smudgy mascara eyes after showering!budget bathroom mini makeover holiday summer beach diy projectI also hung a mirror above the basin to reflect the light and treated myself to a new coconut scented handwash from cruelty-free company Astonish – it smells like holiday (or should that be Malibu?) to me! I also added a couple of suction cups to the wall to store our toothbrushes and keep the surfaces clear of mess. I think that suction-storage is my new favourite thing! I got another two larger suction tubs to tidy up the products in the shower cubicle – no more tripping hazards, thank goodness. Oh, and I bought a jar of shells. Why not?thrifty low cost summer coastal bathroom makeover diy project_before and afterThis mini-makeover ideas came about when I heard about the budget bathrooms article on the Four Walls blog showing how easy it is to give a room a new lease of life without breaking the bank. Seeing as decorating on a budget is my ‘thing’ I stepped up to the challenge by Ocean Loans and after only a couple of hours work (that includes going to the shops!) my makeover was complete and my rom was ready for me to enjoy during my ‘staycation’.budget bathroom mini makeover holiday summer beachWhat do you think of my mini makeover? It’s amazing what a difference only a few towels, storage solutions and products can do to transform a space. The bathroom has gone from meh to a-meh-zing (get it?) in only a few minutes and I didn’t even have to decorate. It was simply a case of adding a few accessories to tie all the elements together and create a cohesive ‘beach holiday’ look. Let me know what you think by leaving me a comment below or tweeting me @cassiefairy.


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