A guide to travelling with your dog over the Christmas holidays

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Christmas is almost here, and for some people, that means travelling somewhere to celebrate the festive season. Last year, it was predicted that 4.5 million Brits travelled abroad for Christmas and New Year, and it is likely that even more people will be travelling this year along with their family, friends, or pets. With a third of British pet owners now taking their animals on holiday, it’s expected that more cats and dogs will be going on a long car trip or a plane ride this season. Travelling with your dog may be challenging, but it can be a fun experience if you prepare the right gear and plan your trip well. Here’s a guide to travelling with your dog over the Christmas holidays.


Wherever you choose to go, make sure that your pet will be comfortable during your travels and that your dog is welcome to stay at the hotel or b&b of your choice. Do your research before booking an airline and hotel to avoid travelling hassles and find a dog friendly hotel. You could also ask the hotel if they provide food for pets so you won’t have to bring too much dog food on your holiday.


Your dog’s health and safety should be a priority if you’re planning to travel with your pet this Christmas. Take your dog to the vet a few weeks before your trip for a general check-up and to see if your dog needs shots. You should also pack your dog’s insurance papers to cover vet costs in case of emergencies, your pet’s tags, and a recent photo of your dog just in case you get separated during your holiday. Don’t forget to pack a dog lead as some places may require that your pet should be on lead before you can enter.


If you’re heading to a snowy destination, your dog will need a coat or a sweater, some ready-made or DIY fleece dog boots, and a towel or dog blanket to keep your pet warm. You should also bring a water bowl, bottled water, and dog food for your trip. It’s a good idea to take a first aid kit for your pet. You can put together your own kit—just place sterile eye wash, tweezers, ear wash, toenail trimmer and styptic pencil, medical tape, and gauze in a pouch, and you’re ready to deal with any minor emergency.

Travelling with your pet for the holidays can be a great experience for you and your dog. Follow these tips to have a safe and hassle-free trip with your dog this Christmas. Let me know your own advice or experiences on travelling with your pets by leaving me a comment below.

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