My cat is more famous than me..!

My two little bundles of fluff, Cookie and Muffin, have got themselves quite a profile these days. Not only are they the real stars of my blog (let’s be honest) but they’re actually getting more features than I am these days – here are some of the publications that have made them famous…


Most recently Muffin has scooped a feature in my favourite ever magazine. I’ve been a subscriber to The Simple Things for years now and I always hoped that one day I might get to publish some of my own writing in the magazine. Even though a much-coveted article written by yours-truly has still evaded me, my cat has hit the big time.After just one tweet, Muffin became the “Cats On Mats” star of the April issue, can you believe it?! I’m one proud cat-mummy! Well, who can blame the magazine’s writers? I wouldn’t be able to resist publishing a photo of this extreeeemly relaxed kitty cat either. Maybe one day I’ll get a feature of my own in the magazine but, for now, I’m over the moon that my little furr-baby has made it!


It was a while ago now, but Muffin also appeared in Caravan Magazine. She loitered for long enough in the doorway of my caravan that she ended up in most of my photos of my little vintage caravan. So, when my spruced-up Sprite featured in the ‘How To’ section of the magazine, Muffin stole the show.Her photo was even the lead image for the article on the contents page as well! So much for me being the author – that paled into insignificance compared to my cat’s photo. In fact, there are TWO images of Muffin in the magazine and only one of me. That tells you everything you need to know, doesn’t it?


My perfect little poser is the ideal accessory for staging a pretty photo of my upcycled projects. Muffin is one of those rare cats that will actually sit where you tell her to. So she ends up being in many of the photos of my DIY projects. The thing is, if she sees a comfy chair that I’ve just finished upholstering, or a handmade cushion fresh off the sewing machine, and is desperate to sit on it. I usually have to shoo her away until I’ve taken at least a couple of photos, for fear of my project becoming covered in swathes of her long, luxurious hair before a ‘finished’ pic has been recorded.That’s exactly how Muffin ended up in Reloved magazine. My Christmas cushion project featured festive jumpers that I upcycled into cushions and they proved far too squishy and pudd-able for Muffin to resist. She was up on that chair and got herself into her trademark, stubborn ‘I’m not moving, no matter how much you try to push me off’ pose.


Poor old Cookie hasn’t had much luck with being published in print; a magazine deal has always eluded her so far. But, that said, she’s such a great performer in front of the camera that she ends up in many of my blog posts. She loves to wander in front of whatever DIY project I’m photographing and likes nothing better than sitting on top of my keyboard while I’m working.I think she’s just trying to remind me that she’s going to be the next cat to feature in an article… We’ll keep our fingers (and paws!) crossed for Cookie to star in a magazine soon but, for the time being, she’ll have to settle for showing off her ‘catitude’ on my instagram story instead.

Cookie DID star in my hat-box cat-bed DIY project

Uhoh, Muffin must have known I was writing about her, because she’s just come into my office and started chatting away. And now she’s purring on my knee and looking me right in the eye. I guess she wants a favourable write-up and is trying to be her most charming…


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