Update your bathroom with these 4 easy and low-cost tips

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Bathrooms are one of the most frequently used parts of any home so it’s easy for them to look tired and need a quick refresh every now and then. Here’s how to keep your bathroom functioning well and looking great…Overlooked, in the hands of an inattentive homeowner, bathrooms can very easily fall into a state of disrepair. Unfortunately, unlike an untidy bedroom, a sub-par bathroom can’t be tucked away out of sight. If you have guests over, it’s inevitable that they will, at some point, have to slink off to visit it. The bathroom is also the most practically important room in the home, making it vital that everything within it runs smoothly regardless. To help you keep your bathroom functioning well, I’ve compiled this list of ways you can easily make improvements.


Often, the only thing preventing an underwhelming shower from becoming faultless is a decent pump. Without shower pumps, many showers are unable to provide anything beyond a disappointing dribble. By taking in low pressure water and adding centrifugal force via an “impeller”, a pump can drastically improve your showering experience. Depending on the positioning of the hot and cold water tanks in your home, you will need to decide between a single or twin pump.


Space has always been a signifier of luxury and wealth. Even in a relatively small bathroom, you can at least create the illusion of space with just a few subtle changes. Opting for a more expansive mirror will reflect a great deal of light and generate the feeling of space. Painting your bathroom in light tones will have a similar effect – and a pot of paint is a relatively cheap way to makeover the walls. At the more expensive end of the space-saving spectrum, you can switch out your comparatively space-greedy under-sink storage cabinet for a floating one, which really does help to make the most of the space in your bathroom. Or you could swap the bath for a freestanding design like I have to get that ‘airy’ feeling of space around the bath.


Metal accenting is an integral – and often unifying – part of the design of any bathroom. Taps, shower heads, mirror rims, shower curtain rails, cabinet and door handles are all often constructed from some kind of metal. Deciding which finish to opt for can be tricky. Matching it to both the era and the design of the rest of your bathroom complicates things further. Trends come and go, but brass is the metal of the moment and it is a strong choice to decorate any bathroom. Comparatively, chrome is overused in bathrooms throughout the UK and has been so for some time, making a once antiquated brass feel refreshing today. Plus, I love the black taps and fixing you can get these days – but they’re rather pricey!


Another important component of any bathroom is the materials you choose to surface it with. Owing to their practicality, tiles are invariably the default choice – they are durable and more than capable of withstanding water. But using different materials can help add life to the space. Marble (although more expensive!) can undoubtedly have a dramatic impact. It’s a practical material too; it’s extremely hard-wearing and you won’t have to worry about it fading over time. Waterproof vinyl floor planks and indoor/outdoor rugs are a more inexpensive way to introduce new textures and pattern into your bathroom.I hope this post has given you some ideas for updating your bathroom to make it look and perform better, both from a practical perspective and a visual one. Let me know how you make the most of the space in your own bathroom in the comments below and I’d love to see photos if you’ve recently updated your bathroom so please tag me in your photos on Instagram @Cassiefairy.

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