Why eating in bed is a hot new trend + how to do it on a budget

What? Dinner in bed? Didn't you even get up today? Actually, it's not about laziness - in fact, eating in bed is one of the newest trends to emerge in 2019. Here's why eating in bed has become so popular & how you can do it the thrifty way...

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What? Dinner in bed? Didn’t you even get up today? Just how lazy do you have to be?! Actually, that’s not what’s going on here – in fact, eating in bed is one of the hottest trends to emerge in 2019. Here’s why eating in bed has become so popular and how you can do it the thrifty way…

If you haven’t posted a photo of you enjoying a meal in bed, are you even ON Instagram? The #BreakfastInBed hashtag shows 875k+ photos, although that’s probably not a shocking number to you. I mean, most of us have enjoyed breakfast in bed at some point – especially mums on Mother’s Day and partners on Valentine’s Day. But the trend that’s gripping the social media world is DINNER in bed.

Yes, actual main meals. Your lunch and your dinner. The #DinnerInBed hashtag has already soared to nearly 25k. I bet you’ll be posting a photo of your own meal in bed soon. But why is it becoming so popular to eat in bed? I’ve just read Casper, a mattress company‘s blog post on the subject and am starting to see the appeal.

Here’s why eating in bed has become so popular:

  • With film streaming services like Prime and Netflix, we’re all much more likely to be watching something on our laptop than the TV these days. And where will be watching it? In bed!
  • Like breakfast in bed, you can make really an occasion of it. So rather than going out on a date to expensive restaurant, having a meal in bed will save you money and feel like a treat.
  • Food delivery companies will bring you anything you want to eat at any time of day, so why lot stay in your PJs and make a food order from your bed rather than going out for a take away?
  • It’s a good excuse to go to bed earlier. And I ALWAYS want more sleep.
  • You’re not driving home from the pub because you’re already in bed, so you can have a glass of wine with your dinner if you like.
  • It makes you feel like you’re having room service in a hotel.

Here’s why eating in bed might not stay popular:

  • Isn’t it just a bit gross? Eating food in bed can surely only mean crumbs on the mattress and spillages on the duvet so…
  • You’ll have to wash your sheets loads more.
  • And I’d be really naffed off if I stained my lovely new mattress with a greasy pizza.
  • Because, let’s face it, you’re not eating a healthy meal in bed. It’s gonna be a burger or pizza, isn’t it?
  • I don’t know about you, but the only time I eat food in bed is when I’m feeling too ill to get up. And I don’t want to feel like I’m unwell, no matter how ‘decadent’ it’s supposed to be.
  • Your dinner will go cold while you’re fiddling around styling the bed to take that perfect #DinnerInBed photo.

What do you think? Will you be taking a meal with you to bed anytime soon? If you are planning on enjoying a super laid-back dinner with your friend or loved one, here are some ways you can cut costs:

Let me know what you think of this trend in the comments below and have a read of Casper’s blog post on the subject of ‘is dinner in bed trending?’ – well they should know all about this trend as one of the most trusted mattress company’s in the UK! They create comfortable mattresses with zoned support and premium foam for the ultimate night’s sleep, with a 100 night trial to make sure it’s right for you.

I’m interested to hear if you’ve already enjoyed a meal or two in bed – and what did you eat?? Would you do it again? Did you take a photo for the ‘gram? Leave me a comment 🙂

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