Recipe – Warming red pepper & tomato soup


Since I got my blender in August, its been non-stop soups for lunch and I thought I should share some of the recipes with you now that autumn is on its way.

De-seed 4 sweet red peppers, quarter 1 red onion and add to a roasting dish along with a punnet of cherry tomatoes or a pack of large tomatoes quartered, and 4 cloves of garlic. Sprinkle over some dried mixed herbs (or fresh basil if you have it) and drizzle with a little olive oil (or I sprayed it with fry-light for a low-fat version below). Roast in the oven until all ingredients have softened but not blackened! Blend the veg with a pint of vegetable stock and season to taste. You’ll have enough for around 6-8 portions so put any excess in large jars and store in the fridge, it’ll be fine to reheat the next day. (PS: for an extra-spicy kick, throw in a few fresh chillies when you’re roasting the veg) I hope you like it!

Author: Cassiefairy

Cassie is a freelance writer with a Masters degree in lifestyle promotion studies. She loves to 'get the look for less' so regularly shares thrifty fashion posts, DIY interior design ideas and low-cost recipes on her blog.


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  6. Sounds lovely, I’m sure autum is here already, and when the temperature drops you can’t beat some popping hot soup !! I’d put in the chillies for sure

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