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There are lots of quick and easy ways to give your home a unique and highly personalised look. One of the easiest, and often the most affordable ways, is using your own photos. Most of us take a lot but rarely do anything with them, apart from maybe posting a few online. You can take this treasure trove and turn it into beautiful art and craft items that you can use to decorate your home. Better still, you could use them to help you to earn a little extra income. Just read on to find out more…

Beautiful prints for your home

There is no need to buy expensive paintings and artwork for your home. By using photo canvas printing at Hello Canvas, or a similar firm that covers your area, you can have your favourite snaps turned into beautiful prints. They come in a range of sizes, finishes and frame styles, so it is easy to create one that is perfect for your home. All you need to do is to select the image you want to display on your wall, send it to them and wait a few days for the finished canvas to be delivered.

Photo collages

Another approach is to load your favourite photos onto your phone or a memory stick and take them to your local print shop. For a few pennies per shot, they will print them out for you. Then you just need to go home, get your scissors out and start creating a collage of memories. Collages can be stuck to a stiff piece of card then framed and mounted on your walls or can be used in more creative ways. For example, you can decoupage the photos onto a cupboard door, or use them to cover a table. If you do decide to take this approach, just be sure to apply some sort of see-through protective film or varnish over the top.

How about having your photos made into wallpaper like I did in my new home?

Other ways to display your photos

There are dozens of fun and innovative ways to put your photos on display. You can find some of the best of them here. For most of these projects, you will be able to use items that you already have lying around the house to complete them. I used some pom-pom wool and washi tape to create this polaroid bunting project, for example.

Gift ideas

Canvas prints make very good gifts. Perhaps you recently enjoyed a weekend away with your grandparents and she loves the photo you took of the sunset over the sea. You can easily take that photo and have it turned into a canvas print. Another alternative is to take it and print it out on a transfer that you can use to make a cushion cover. You could also have a couple of copies printed out, buy an interesting ornament from the thrift shop and use the photos to cover it. All you need to do is to spray the finished item with a clear lacquer to create a unique and highly personalised ornament that you can give as a gift or use in your own home.

I shared a step-by-step video to create this memory box packed full of photos on my blog 
Making money from your photos

That brings me neatly to the subject of making money from your photos. The ornaments you create can potentially be sold online or at local craft fairs. You can also sell the original photos if you want to. Magazines, bloggers, businesses and many others are always looking for unique images and there are plenty of places to sell them online.

I hope that these ideas have helped you to make use of your lovely photos, rather than leaving them sitting in a file on your computer or phone. Let me know your ideas for displaying and printing your photos in a creative way by leaving me a comment below 🙂

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