How to help children decorate their room with personality & colour

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It’s back-to-school time again and, as such, my thoughts have turned to kids’ rooms, and how to design the space so that it suits them and their studying needs. Research suggests that children and their development are affected positively when they are surrounded by soft and safe environments, which is why investing in making their room comfortable and homely is one of the most important things a parent can do.

The first step to designing and furnishing your child’s room is to recognise their personalities, their likes and dislikes, and then start building a design based on that. I’ve been browsing pinterest and have identified some trends and colour ideas that are just right for kids’ rooms:


Colour can have an affect the behaviour of children so it’s an important starting point. Some kids don’t like a lot of colour in their room, and might also not like a lot of extra accessories or furniture. It can be overwhelming so it’s a good idea to stick to a neutral palette and let youngsters add their own colours. For kids that seem to enjoy simplicity, a good option would be to invest in a solid plain door that can easily be painted over. Online Door Store has a wide range of unglazed doors and your child could then choose to paint the door whatever colour they want.


Murals on the walls might seem like an old-school idea but can bring life to the room. Depending on what your child is interested in, an artistic representation of their interests on one accent wall, while leaving all the other walls bare can make a massive difference to how much they like their room. I’ve previously shared a step-by-step tutorial on YouTube on how to paint this Icelandic mountain mural so have a watch of my video for inspiration.


Making use of the ceiling in your child’s room is also an excellent idea. Whether they like sci-fi, princesses, robots, or anime, it doesn’t matter. Keeping the room and its colour simple but making their ceiling come to life can help children envision their fantasies in a more surreal way.


For the creative kids, one sure-fire way of making sure they love their room is by giving them a vast canvas to play with. One of the ways to do this is by turning one wall, or one door, into a giant chalkboard, and to give them colourful chalks that they can draw with. The mess is easy to clean up, and large but lightweight chalkboards are easy to come by and install as well. Or you could decorate a whole wall with chalk paint like interior designer Lucy Gleeson has done here:


Lastly, the furniture can also help make their room brighter and more reflective of their personalities. Novelty and themed furniture is readily available in the market and can be changed as your child grows up. You could even introduce your kids to recycling by getting them involved in upcycling a secondhand piece of furniture. For example, I’ve shared a DIY project to turn an ottoman into a kids toy storage box that looks like a monster!

A child’s room should be a reflection of their ideas, their personality, and their perceptions of the world — some kids like superheroes, and others like fantasies and science fiction. Their room should be able to show what they like, so they feel that it’s their home. Using one or more of the previously mentioned suggestions and investing in small things like allowing children to paint their doors or room can change the way they view their home.


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